Beer Bottle Cap Crafts Ideas

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Recycle bottle caps to make crafts.

Recycle beer bottle caps to make many types of innovative crafts. Gently remove the bottle cap, as you will not want to use dented caps. Wash off the bottle caps and fully dry them before you use them on any projects. Create some of these craft ideas for friends as gifts, or use them yourself to show off your party attitude.



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Arrange your leftover beer bottle caps in a square or circle pattern to make drink coasters. Use a strong bonding water-resistant adhesive to keep them together. You can either showcase the beer bottle caps only, or attach them to a nice piece of tile, glass or fabric-covered shape to give the coasters flair.

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Use beer bottle caps to embellish items. Wear jewelry created from beer bottle caps to show off your favorite brand of brew. Or, paint them and use them as a frame and not display a brand at all. To create an intriguing bracelet: Print small images from your computer, insert them into the bottle caps and seal with a paper glaze. Punch small holes in the bottle caps and use jewelry wire to attach them together. Use only one bottle cap and add some beads to it, creating a great necklace or earrings. Attach the bottle caps to an otherwise plain black or brown belt to give it some color. Get creative with how you wear your bottle cap creations.



If you have a plain mirror and want to dress it up with some color, save some bottle caps and glue them around the inside edges of the mirror. Even if you go two lines deep with the bottle caps you can still check your makeup while having a new home decor accessory.


Picture Frame

Purchase a canvas picture frame from your local crafts store. Use paints, beer bottle caps and even beer bottle labels to decorate it and give to your drinking buddies. Add some of your party pictures to make a one-of-a-kind personalized gift.



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