Sun Catcher Crafts for Kids

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These beautiful sun catchers give the illusion of stained glass, but are in fact, coffee filters! It's an easy craft for kids ages 6 to 10 to do on their own or with just a bit of guidance. Give the sun catchers away as gifts or cluster them together to hang from flowering branches near a window. Either way, they are sure to brighten your day!

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Mist Filters With Water

Spray the coffee filter with a few mists of water and let the colors blend together. Set aside to dry.

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Prepare the Frame

Cut card stock to 4 ¼ by 5 ½ inches. (You can get 4 pieces out of one 8 ½ by 11 piece. ) Stack two different colored pieces together and fold in half. Draw half of a heart on one side of the fold and cut out. Repeat with second color.

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Cut Out a Coffee Filter Heart

Using one of the card stock hearts as a template, trace a heart onto a colored coffee filter. Cut heart out of the coffee filter, cutting about ¼ inch beyond the traced outline.

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Glue Coffee Filter Heart into Card Stock

Glue the coffee filter heart inside the heart-shaped opening in the card stock. Glue a piece of baker's twine in the center, then glue the other piece of card stock over the top, sandwiching the coffee filter in the middle. Let dry.

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Add a Border

Use sequin ribbon or yarn to make a border around the heart on both sides.


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