Christian Sleepover Games

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Sleepovers are a fun time for both boys and girls.

Sleepovers are a fun and exciting way for girls and boys to spend time with their friends. Pizza, movies, potato chips and gossip form the basis of many sleepover games. However, sleepover games don’t have to be a completely debauched experience for your children. There are many Christian sleepover games you and your kids can play that will help your kids learn about the Bible and Christianity.


The Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a common sleepover game tweaked slightly to create an enlightening Christian experience for your children. One kid picks her friend and asks her, "The truth or dare?" If the girl chooses "the truth," the asker must ask a question about the Bible or Christianity. For example, she can ask the girl about a specific proverb in the Bible and ask her to explain its meaning. The girl who is asked the question is given a Bible and a few minutes to answer the question. Answering it correctly gives her two points. A dare is an action that the girl must perform in order to score a point. This scoring system will give girls the impetus to take "the truth" questions, but the "dare" questions will give the girls a chance to have a little fun. Make sure that all dares are safe and non-embarrassing, such as rubbing your belly while patting your head.


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Who Am I?

Who Am I gives kids a chance to refresh their memories about important people in Christian history. Find index cards and write the name of one important Christian historical figure on each card. These figures shouldn’t be figures solely from the Bible, like Moses, but can be figures that helped spread or define Christianity, such as Martin Luther. There should be at least two cards for each guest. Carefully tape one card to each person’s back without him noticing. Through the night, players will try to get friends to guess their secret Christian identity without explicitly stating the person’s name. They can drop clues, such as “After your visit to the Church, nothing stayed the same,” or “Do you like rock? You seem like the type who would like rock of all kinds.” When a person guesses his identity, he should receive a small prize. After the game is over, encourage the players to discuss the Christians from the name cards and their importance.


I'm Saved!

Many Christian faiths are evangelical, which means they actively try to convert people to their religion. Emulate this experience with this game, which is a variation of the party game “Murderer.” Write the words “non-believer” on enough pieces of paper for each guest of the party. However, one piece of paper should have the word “believer” on it. This person will try to convert the rest of the party to Christianity without being caught by a “non-believer.” During the party, the believer will walk up to people and grab their hands. She must perform this act very carefully, so nobody else notices. If a non-believer’s hand is grabbed, she should wait a few minutes and then shout, “I’m saved!” She is now a believer. However, the original believer is the only one who can still convert. If anybody suspects someone as the believer, she should shout “believer!” and point at the suspect. If she is right, the game is over; if not, the game continues.



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