Easy Ways to Tie Balloons

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Balloons take only a moment to fill when using a helium tank, but figuring out how to tie these party decorations to secure them -- and not let the helium escape -- may present more of a problem. Professional decorators and balloon artists have developed tying techniques that save both time and effort. Take a moment to learn these easy ways to tie balloons.


The Loop Method

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Create a quick, simple knot in latex balloons by creating a loop around <ahref="https: www.youtube.com="" watch?v="7LmvmxidcZk"" target="_blank"> </ahref="https:>your two fingers. This method requires only a little practice to get it right. When you get good at it you can add a ribbon to the process at the same time.

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Step 1: Wrap the Tail

Pinch the neck of the latex balloon high up at the base of the inflated section between your thumb and index finger, and then press your middle finger against your index finger. Grasp the tail opening of the balloon with the fingers of your other hand and wrap it around the middle and index fingers.


Step 2: Push the Tail Under Itself

Push the bottom of the tail through the part that is wrapped around your two fingers. Push it through to the other side of the loop.

Step 3: Pull Fingers Out

Grasp the tail end to hold it steady. Pull your middle and index fingers out of the loop, closing it into a knot.


Two-Finger Method

Children and the less dexterous may prefer the two-finger method of tying a balloon. It is similar, but less complex than the loop method.

Step 1: Grasp the Balloon

Grasp the balloon neck high up at the base of the inflated part between your forefinger and thumb. Press your middle finger against your forefinger.


Step 2: Wrap the Tail Around Your Fingers

Wrap the balloon tail around your forefinger and middle fingers with the other hand to create a loop. While pinning the loop closed between your thumb and forefinger, pull the remaining end of the tail under your forefinger and slide it between the forefinger and middle finger.

Step 3: Pull the Tail Through the Loop

Pull your two fingers out of the loop with the tail end grasped firmly between them. When your fingers and the tail clear the loop, it closes into a knot.


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