How to Use a Toro S620 Electric Start Snowblower

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Things You'll Need

  • Gasoline

  • 2-cycle engine oil

  • Toro starter electrical cord

Although Toro ceased manufacturing the S620 Snowthrower in 1991, many used units are still available from Internet sites or used equipment dealers. The S620 is a single-stage, paddle-type thrower powered by a Tecumseh gasoline engine and equipped with an electric starter. This machine has a 20-inch-wide opening and can handle snow up to eight inches deep in one pass. Deeper snow can be managed with multiple passes.


Step 1

Mix gasoline and two-cycle oil in a 32-to-1 ratio as recommended by Toro, which means you should add 3.2 ounces of oil for each gallon of gas in a gasoline container. Replace the gas can cap securely and shake the can to mix the gas and oil. Fill the tank of the snowblower outdoors, when the engine is cold.


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Step 2

Turn the ignition key to "On" and set the choke to the "full on" position. Press the primer bulb twice, holding it in for a second each time. Plug the electric cord into a wall outlet, and plug the other end into the connector on the snowblower.

Step 3

Press the starter button to start the engine. Do not hold the starter button down for more than five seconds. If the engine does not start, release the button, wait five seconds, then try again. Do not repeat this more than ten times to avoid overheating the starter motor. If no electrical supply is available, you can use the pull starter to start the engine. Unplug the power cord when the engine starts.


Step 4

Move the choke lever slowly back to the "run" position. In extremely cold weather, you may need to leave the choke partially on until the engine is fully warmed up.

Step 5

Pull back the control bar and hold it against the handle to start the snowblower blades and begin clearing snow. The S620 does not have a snow discharge chute. It simply expels the snow forward and disperses it in front of the blower opening. Allow the machine to operate at its own pace, and do not push it forward unless the wheels lose traction. Overlap each pass through the snow for complete coverage. When you are finished, turn the ignition switch to "Off" to stop the engine.


Remove snow as soon as you can after it falls because fresh snow is much easier to remove.


Do not allow children or pets to come near the machine when it is in operation.


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