How to Open a Basement Window

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There are many types of basement windows that you can install in your home. Obviously, all these windows are above ground level. However, your basement windows might be just a bit above ground or have a coping that keeps the dirt away from the windows. Before opening the windows in your basement, clear debris from outside the window so that there are no obstructions in the way when you go to open the window.


Step 1

Unlatch the clasps on the top of the window casing if you have a hopper window. Tilt the top of the window inward. The window has hinges on the bottom of the frame that allow the window to pivot inward. A chain or bracket attached to the side of the window frame and the glass casing prevent the window from lowering all the way to the wall.

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Step 2

Locate the locking clasp in the center of the window if you have sliding windowpanes. You can tell the window is a slider because it has metal or vinyl vertical post extending upward cutting the window into two halves. Slide one side of the window to open it.

Step 3

Locate the clasp on the top of the window casing and tilt the window outward if the window is an emergency exit window. The window will fold all of the way down and rest against the foundation wall. Although emergency exit windows are not typically opened for ventilation, you can do so if needed.


Step 4

Locate the crank lever on the bottom of the window casing if you have awning windows. Turn the crank lever clockwise to rotate the cranking mechanism and to open the window. The bottom edge of the awning window rotates outward toward the outside of the basement while the top of the window stays hinged to the window casing. This allows you to keep a window open even during inclement weather.

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