What Is the Meaning of Red and Yellow Roses?

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Red roses say, "I love you."

Roses make a lovely gift for someone about whom you care, and since each color conveys a different meaning, selecting the right color can deepen the meaning of your gift. When you examine a rose color meaning chart, you see that not only does each color have its own meaning but color combinations also communicate different messages.


Rose Meaning in History

Throughout history and a variety of cultures, you can find a rose meaning. In ancient Egypt, the rose was an aphrodisiac and healing plant. It became associated with Isis, the goddess of love, and took on a more romantic symbology. For the Romans, the rose symbolized life and death, and rose petals were a part of the ritual to remember the dead. Traditional five-petal roses came to represent the Virgin Mary's five joys: annunciation, nativity, resurrection, ascension and assumption.


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The rose has also been a symbol of many governments. In England, the houses of York and Lancaster were represented by the white and red roses, respectively. Henry VII declared the rose the national flower of England, and President Ronald Reagan declared it the national emblem of the United States. The rose flower has held meaning and significance throughout history, and today, different colors of roses have their own significance.


Red and Yellow Roses Meaning

It is well known that red roses represent love and passion. They are a popular choice for couples on anniversaries and on Valentine's Day. Red roses have a long history and are associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess associated with love and beauty. You may have heard of red roses meaning death. This is likely because of the belief that there may have been red roses growing where Christ died, but it is not the color usually associated with funerals and death.


Unlike the passion and love of the red rose, the yellow rose meaning in a relationship is friendship and care. It conveys affection, appreciation and warmth.

What do red and yellow roses mean together? When you combine the warmth of the yellow rose with the passion and love of the red rose, the combination exudes positivity and communicates a joyous love.


Other Rose Colors and Meanings

Roses come in many colors, all with different meanings, which means you can select a bouquet that sends the perfect message. White roses can signify both beginnings and endings. They are suitable for weddings or at memorials to symbolize remembrance. They can also communicate to friends that they are in your thoughts.


The meaning of pink roses is admiration, grace and elegance. Peach roses signify gratitude and loyalty. The orange roses meaning is pride and fascination. You can gift these roses to communicate enthusiasm and gratitude.

You may also encounter blue and black roses. These are not natural rose colors but are achieved with dyed petals. Blue represents mystery and illusion, and if you gift a romantic partner with blue roses, it may communicate desire or unattainable love. Black roses typically symbolize mystery and death and are a popular choice for Halloween.



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