Office Christmas Party Game Ideas

Many offices decide to throw Christmas parties in order to show their employees that the company cares about them, and also to help them relieve some stresses related to the work they do. With any good Christmas office party, you need the right food, decorations and atmosphere to get the party started. To keep your party going, play Christmas-themed games during the event.

With Christmas on the horizon, planning your office party with games in mind can make the season all the merrier. (Image: Ulrik Tofte/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Christmas Song Scramble

Christmas Song Scramble (Image: John Rowley/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Begin the party by offering this lesson in teamwork to your office while still providing some Christmas spirit. To prepare for the game, think of some classic Christmas songs that everyone attending the party is likely to know. Choose a more obscure line of lyrics from each song. For instance, if you choose the song, "Frosty the Snowman," the lyric, "He led them down the streets of town" works well. Write down each word from the lyric set on a separate piece of paper. Keep every set of words for each song together in a pile. When it comes time to play, divide the office into as many teams as you like, giving them each one set of song cards. On the count of three, the teams all work to unscramble the words and come up with the line from the song. Whichever team correctly guesses the right song title from their cards before any other team wins the game. If you have multiple song sets per team, whichever team can guess all of them before the other teams wins the game.

X-Mas Present Game

X-Mas Present Game (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Let your office members stretch their legs with this invigorating Christmas game.To prepare, procure a die and a present in a box wrapped in several layers of wrapping paper. The game begins with everyone grouped into a circle. The present lies in the center of that circle. One random person out of the group gets the die first and rolls. If he gets any number other than six, he passes the die to the person next to him. If he gets a six, he rushes to the middle of the circle and tries to unwrap the present to get the gift inside. Right after he leaves the circle, another player grabs the die and tries to roll a six, as well. If a player does not roll a six, he has to pass the die on to the next player. As soon as someone rolls a six, the person in the middle must stop unwrapping the present and hand it off to the lucky roller. The game ends when one player successfully unwraps the present and receives the gift inside. To make the game more challenging, require the person in the middle to put on a Santa hat and gloves before attempting to unwrap the present.

Mystery Stocking Game

Mystery Stocking Game (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Prepare for another team-building Christmas game by grabbing a large stocking and filling it with Christmas-themed items such as candy canes, ornaments and mistletoe. With some ribbon, wrap the top of the stocking so no one can see inside. Divide the players into teams and give each team three minutes to feel the stocking and guess the items inside of it. Have the teams write down their guesses. Once every team has had three minutes to feel the stocking, go over all of the teams' answers. Whichever team correctly guesses the most items wins the game.

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