21st-Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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The 21st-birthday celebration is different for each person. No matter how you celebrate, it is a milestone birthday that is often highly anticipated. One option for a 21st-birthday party is to organize a scavenger hunt. Customize the scavenger hunt to match the 21st-birthday theme. Keep in mind the guest of honor's preferences when it comes to activities.


Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt

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Many 20-year-olds look forward to their 21st birthday because of the ability to legally drink alcohol. If the guest of honor is one of those people, organize a bar crawl scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt is played as the guests travel from one bar to the next. Bar scavenger hunts typically include a list of tasks that involve drinking and interacting with strangers. Ideas for the list include getting a stranger's number, getting a stranger to buy you a drink, dancing on the bar, singing karaoke or convincing a bartender to let you mix a drink. As each task is performed, it is checked off the list. You can work in teams or require each individual person to complete all of the tasks.

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21 Stops Scavenger Hunt

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This scavenger hunt idea is a more laid back option for those who prefer a setting other than a bar. The scavenger hunt list includes 21 different items or locations that the celebrants must visit. You might ask them to collect an item from each location or complete a task there. Choose locations significant to the birthday boy or girl. For example, you might include her favorite restaurant or the gym where he works out. Divide the party guests into two teams. The first team to complete all 21 items on the list wins.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

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A photo scavenger hunt works well for a 21st birthday party. The guests have a list of tasks to complete. They must take a picture of the group completing each task. This type of scavenger hunt is easy to combine with the 21 Stops scavenger hunt. Instead of having the guests collect items from the 21 stops, have them take a picture at each stop. Another option is to have the groups find the numbers from 1 to 21 around town. The numbers must be on signs or other permanent fixtures. Require the groups to photograph themselves next to each number.


Memory Lane Scavenger Hunt

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Help the guest of honor relive the last 21 years with a walk down memory lane. Organize the scavenger hunt list items based on past memories. You might send the players to the guest of honor's old elementary school, childhood home, hospital where she was born or her favorite childhood hangout. Have the players perform a task at each location. This scavenger hunt works best when at least one of the organizers grew up with the guest of honor.



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