The Advantages of Styrofoam

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Styrofoam is a very versatile material

There are many packaging materials on the market, but Styrofoam remains one of the most popular. There are many advantages to using this lightweight and versatile material in your shipments, and many companies choose to use Styrofoam even when other materials are available.


Styrofoam Is Lightweight

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Since most shipping carriers base their prices at least in part on the weight of the items being shipped, it is important for companies to find a lightweight way to protect their fragile items in transit. Styrofoam is one of the lightest packing materials in the world, and the amount of weight it adds to the package is generally negligible. That means that companies can trim the cost of shipping by using Styrofoam inserts and protective materials. The fact that Styrofoam is so lightweight also makes it easier for workers to handle, allowing employees to pack more boxes in a short period of time. This increases productivity and has a direct impact on the bottom line.

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Styrofoam Is Reusable

Many businesses and individuals also like the fact that Styrofoam is so easy to reuse. Companies can keep a stash of Styrofoam inserts, packing peanuts and other packaging materials on hand in their mail rooms, where it will be available when needed. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive packaging material every time a shipment needs to go out. Individuals who sell products on eBay will often keep the Styrofoam from products they buy, and then use that Styrofoam to protect the products they sell. This is an excellent way to cut costs and maximize earnings potential on the auction site.


Styrofoam Is Versatile

Styrofoam comes in many different shapes and sizes, making it a good choice for many different types of packages. Large blocks of Styrofoam can be cut and used to brace small items shipped in large boxes. Styrofoam packing peanuts can be used to fill boxes and prevent items from moving around during shipment. In addition to its utility as a packaging material for shipments, Styrofoam can also be used to protect food items both in the grocery store and in the refrigerator.



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