Elegant 75th Birthday Party Ideas

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Host a 75th birthday party with elegance and flair.

Do you have a loved one who is nearing 75 years old? Discard ideas for wacky, childlike birthday parties, and create an event that is elegant, refined and will make your loved one feel honored. You do not have to spend a lot of money to throw an elegant party. Simply set a budget, work within that budget, and try to incorporate simple elegance from materials you have around your house--or friends' houses.


Framed Photographs

Frame old photographs of the guest of honor in different silver and gold vintage-looking frames. Choose portraits, family photographs and photographs showing slices of life--such as photos from a beach trip--to show guests how the loved one looked in his younger years. Mix those with photos of him with his family today. Display them on a gift table or a buffet at the entrance to the party.


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White Tablecloths

Add instant elegance to any birthday party by clothing your tables with flowing white tablecloths. Make sure they are pressed so that there are not any wrinkles. Borrow tablecloths from friends if possible, or you can rent tablecloths from a rental company, perhaps a better option than buying several and not having a great need for them afterward.


Crystal and Silver

Rental companies can be your friend for this affair. It's cheaper to rent crystal goblets, china and silver to dress up a birthday party than it is to buy them. A rental company also makes set-up and clean-up easy. For example, you don't have to wash the glasses and dishes before returning them. You just have to spray them off and load them up.


Buffet Meal

Once you have your tables set with white linens, china and crystal, you can relax a little on the food service. An elegant buffet gives guests several choices and can look refined if served in silver chaffing dishes. Think of foods that are easy to make but also look elegant and expensive, such as quiches and fruit displays.



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