What Fresh Flowers Are Safe to Put on Cakes?

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Flowers can be used to decorate your wedding cake.
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Whether you are planning to use flowers that match your wedding bouquet or to decorate a cake for a friend, fresh flowers are a common accent to decorate your cake. However, it is important to know which flowers are safe to avoid placing toxic petals on the cake you and your guests will eat.



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Daisies come in a variety of colors.
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You are probably familiar with the typical white field daisy with a yellow center. This is not the only kind of daisy. Black-eyed Susans are also daisies. Gerbera daisies are brightly colored flowers found in colors including pinks, yellows and oranges. It is often considered a weed in the United States because it is hardy and will crowd other plants. However, because of its many varieties, the daisy is easy to work into most wedding color schemes.


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Freesia is a fragrant flower.
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Freesia is an extremely fragrant flower. Traditionally the freesia bloom is a shade of purple; however, it can come in a variety of colors such as white or yellow. The blooms grow on a long stem with up to eight flowers on each stem. Freesia is safe on cakes, but the fragrance should be taken into consideration when considering the flower.



Lavender is an edible flower.
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A fragrant flower, lavender is edible and can often be found in French cuisine. The shade of purple of the blooms is how the color lavender came to be. The flowers grow on the long stems of the plant in clusters. The fragrance should be taken into consideration when choosing the flower. The dried form of the flower also maintains the fragrance for a long time.



The color rose you choose can be used to convey your feelings.
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Roses are one of the more popular floral choices for a wedding. The rose comes in a number of colors and varieties. The color of the rose is used to represent different feelings. The red rose is often associated with love and respect while the pale peach rose stands for modesty. The coral-colored flower represents desire and the white rose represents innocence and secrecy. Or if you want to represent the friendship, the yellow rose is the one for you.



The tulip is a single bloom flower.
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The tulip is also available in a wide range of colors including pink, yellow and orange. It has only one bloom per stem. The flower got its name for the Turkish word for turban. If you were to turn the bloom upside down, it would resemble a turban. If you are considering the tulip for your wedding cake, remember they usually bloom during the summer months.