Ideas for Spirit Day Posters

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Spirit Day poster ideas

When a big sports game like the homecoming game is coming up for a high school, sometimes the school will have a giant spirit week celebration in preparation for the event. Spirit week consists of different dress-up days, themes and contests that get the students motivated to support their school in the upcoming game. One of the ways that schools motivate students is by putting up posters throughout the school to generate school spirit throughout the day.



A simple way to show and build spirit for your school is to use a short slogan for inspiration. The slogans can be anything at all as long as the're bold and exclamatory. You could tie the slogan to your school's mascot; for example, if your school is the Vikings, you could write, "Get Tough Vikings!" "Vikings Can't be Stopped!" or "Welcome to Viking Nation!" You could mention the desire to win the big game in slogans like "Fight for a Win!" "Refuse to Lose!" or "We're Victory Bound!" You can also mention spirit by writing, "We've Got Spirit!" "Explode Your Spirit!" or "Keep the Spirit Alive!"


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Specific Players

If you have a team that is popular at your school, then most students know the star athletes. For example, if you are playing football, you can create posters about the starting quarterback, running back and wide receivers. The posters might say something like, "Johnson's Lightning Feet!" or "Davis is Gonna Light It Up!" You can also use the players numbers in a poster like "#44 for President!" and "In #12 We Trust!"



If the big game coming up is one that involves a rivalry between your school and another, one method you can use is to pit your two mascots against each other in picture form. For example, if your mascot is the cardinal and the other teams' is the wildcat, you might show your cardinal big and muscular while the cat is small and docile like a house cat. You could show both mascots with boxing gloves and your mascot knocking out the other mascot. Do whatever you please as long as it shows your mascot as extremely dominant.


Theme-Based Posters

If your spirit day or spirit week involves dress-up days, like Hawaiian shirt day, you can make the posters correspond to the theme. For Hawaiian shirt day, you might decorate the poster with leis and flowers with a slogan in the middle. For a black-tie day, you might make the poster look extremely formal with sleek lettering and a professional feel. Depending on what your dress-up days consist of, your posters will be different.


Artistic Posters

To catch the attention with your slogans or names of team members, you can make the posters as artistic as possible. Some fun ways to decorate your posters include using puffy paint to make them stick out, fabric to make the posters different sizes and touchable and marbling effects by using two paint colors together. Throw on decorations in the form of sequins or glitter to add an extra eye-catching touch.



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