Mythology-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Zeus statue
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Plan a Greek mythology-themed birthday party for your little one if he is into Greek mythology or enjoys the stories of the gods. Include elements from Greek mythology in the invitations, games and activities, food and every part of the celebration that you can to make the party fun and interesting for your birthday boy and his guests.



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Send out invitations that let your guests know the birthday party will have a Greek mythology theme. Use parchment paper, or discolor plain paper by soaking it in grape juice. Write out the party invitation in bold black letters. For example:

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"Zeus and Hera request your presence at Sarah's 5th birthday party. Please join us in your goddess costume at Sarah's Greek temple"

Give your address, phone number and email address for guests to RSVP. Roll the invitations up like scrolls and hand-deliver them, or mail them in tubes so they can remain rolled up.



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Decorate your home or yard to look like a Greek temple worthy of the Greek gods. Inside, you could rent columns and wrap them with silk ivy and grapevines. Hang white, gold or burgundy fabric from the walls and white and gold balloons from the ceilings. Print out pictures of the Greek gods to hang around the party area to familiarize your guests with the legends. Arrange silk ivy and grapevines around the gift and cake tables, as well. Outside, set up columns or use large terracotta pots to houseplants.


Activities and Games

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Put a mythological twist on your games and activities. For example, when kids begin arriving, have a coloring page or craft set up for them to do as they wait for other guests to arrive. Make shields or crowns out of cardboard and let the kids decorate them.



If the kids come in costumes, have an area set up to take pictures of them. If you want to provide simple togas for your guests, have them take a group picture together.

The gods training course could include things such as jumping over small obstacles, crawling under things, running fast and fighting off an enemy.


Glue rubber snakes to an old hat for one child to wear and become Medusa. That child has to run around and tag another kid, who will then become Medusa. Play until everyone has a turn to be Medusa or the kids tire of the game.

Have a tug-of-war, but call it "the Titans' struggle" or something similar. Play one-on-one or rearrange the teams until everyone has had a chance to win.


Divide the kids into two teams and give each team one color of water balloons. Encourage them to have a water balloon fight, calling it "Clash of the Titans."

Set up a treasure hunt where the little gods have to dig through a sandbox for treasure. Inexpensive beaded necklaces or fake gold coins along with other small plastic toys could be included. Give each child a turn to dig for treasure, allowing them to keep their treasure as a party favor.


Read your child's favorite myth to the kids at the end of the party as they're waiting to be picked up.


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Serve Caesar salads, macaroni and cheese, grapes or your favorite Greek dish. Keep the selections simple for younger children. Grape juice and water will complement the theme.



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Serve a cake or cupcakes that are decorated to match the Greek mythology theme. For example, a cake in the shape of Pegasus, the winged horse that flies, would fit in. Or, make blue cupcakes with blue frosting and decorate a constellation on each with yellow frosting.


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Favors could include crowns that look like leaves, sunglasses, togas and chocolate candy in gold foil that looks like coins. Personalized goblets or Greek pottery that the children can decorate during the party will also make nice favors. Send thank-you cards after the party with a picture of the guest.


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