Tools for Pipe Fitting

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Learn About Pipe Fitter Tools

Pipes are one of the integral parts of plumbing. Pipe fitting must be done accurately, because any problems can lead to leaks. Whether in homes or in industries, leaks can lead to water waste or problems when non-water compounds transported in pipes leak out. In gardens and industries pipes that are not fitted properly can also result in damage to plants or problems to machines. Hence, it is imperative to be equipped with the right skills for pipe fitting and to use the right tools for it. Pipe fitters use a wide variety of tools for fitting pipes. Some of these are for installing pipes, while others are used for fixing broken pipes.


Quality Control Welders’ Gauge

The quality control welders' gauge is one of the basic tools needed for pipe fitting. When a pipe has to be fitted at its source, it must be of the right dimension and of the right material. The type of material depends on the expected use the pipe. Naturally, smaller uses require lighter and thinner pipes and vice versa. A welder's gauge is an implement that is used to check the quality of the pipe. The weld, done at the source of the pipe, is checked for issues such as angle of preparation, alignment, fillet weld length and fillet weld throat. This gauge is usually used for metal pipes.


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Pipe Fitters Square

The pipe fitters square is another of the important tools a pipefitter uses. A pipe fitters square is used to ensure the pipe stays put for proper alignment and that the pipe is aligned properly. A pipe usually bends at either 45 or 90 degrees when it is fixed to its source. While these are the two most common angles for a pipe, it is also common to see pipes being fit into joint angles that don't comply to these angles. In fitting a pipe at any non-standard angles, the pipefitter's square is used. This tool's basic design is a planar member that has linear exterior edges at varying degrees, so that the appropriate angle can be made on the pipe.


Fitter Grips

Fitter grips are another of the important tools used by pipefitters. They are used for fitting pipes together or affixing pipes to joints. This is a simple tool to use. The pipe fitter must grip the pipe using the fitter grips, place the pipe in the appropriate place, and lock the fitter grips into place while they weld the pipe to the joint or to other pipes.



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