Going Away Party Ideas & Themes

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Wish your loved one a fond farewell with a going away party.

Saying goodbye to a loved one who is moving out of the state or out of the country is hard to do. Bid your friend or family member farewell by hosting a going away party to celebrate the memories and wish him luck on the next step in his journey.


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For high school graduates headed to college, you can create a theme with their college's school colors and mascot. Other themes can include, "Sending You off in Style," where the guest of honor is gifted with items that will help him survive in his new town or "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," "Where in the World...," "Frequent Flyer," "The Out-of-Towner," "Across State Lines" or "Journey of 1,000 Miles."



The invitation wording and design for the going away party will help guests get a feel for the theme and the tone of the party. Appropriate invitation designs may include an invite in the shape of a suitcase or a plane or a postcard from the state or country where the guest of honor is moving. Invitations created to look like passports are also suitable for a going away party.



Old pictures produce fond memories. Photographs from childhood, during the college years and thereafter can be used to create a time line of important events the guest of honor has endured so far. Whether displayed in albums or in picture frames, these photographs can be placed on a table as centerpieces and throughout the room for easy viewing.


The guest of honor will likely want to enjoy her favorite home cooked foods, prepared by friends and family during this last celebration at home with friends and family. The menu could also include favorites from a local restaurant or the signature food items from his hometown. Or, prepare cuisine that compliments the state or country he's moving to. For a New York move, serve pizza or serve cheese steaks for a move to Philadelphia.



Going away party favors can include items that will help guests remember the person moving, long after he's moved away. Create a gift bag that includes a change of address card with the guest of honor's new contact information, as well as address labels, stamps and stationary with a note that encourages guests to keep in touch. Postcards from the guest of honor's new home are also a favor that can be incorporated into a going away party. Offer guests gas cards with a humorous note attached suggesting they visit the guest of honor. Group photographs from the party posted on a photo sharing community site, blog or uploaded compact discs can be shared with guests as an additional favor.


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