Schools in New Jersey for Floral Design

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A floral design school instructs students in the creation of beautiful flower arrangements like this one.

Floral design is the art of arranging flowers in an aesthetically pleasing manner. You can learn floral design in several different ways, including: working at a flower shop, studying educational books, and attending a floral design school. Floral design schools provide students with comprehensive knowledge of plants, flowers, supplies and tools, as well as the ability to create many types of flower arrangements. New Jersey is home to several floral design schools and programs.


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School of Floral Arts and Design

Located in Boonton, New Jersey, this floral design school offers a curriculum that has been certified by the State of New Jersey Department of Education and The Department of Work Force Development. The school's curriculum was conceived by a floral industry professional; it focuses on providing the basic, practical knowledge you need to succeed as a professional floral designer. The comprehensive programs and classes are also helpful to current floral designers who want to brush up on their knowledge and skills. Check out for more information.


American School of Floral & Plant Design?

This floral design school is located in Madison, New Jersey. It prepares students to work in the floral industry by providing them with knowledge of plants and flowers, tools and supplies, and various design styles. Call (973) 377-4448?? to learn more about this school.


Cumberland County College?

This Vineland, New Jersey, community college includes courses in floral design among its diverse offerings. Students who complete the Floral Design program at Cumberland County College graduate with a career certificate, which shows prospective employees that they are well-equipped to succeed as professional floral designers. Visit to learn more.


Monmouth County Vocational School

Located in Freehold, New Jersey, this vocational school offers classes and programs in a broad variety of subjects and trades, which are designed to prepare students to work in their chosen field. Classes in floral design are included among this school's offerings. Visit to learn more.


The School of Floral Design?

Located in ?Hemington, New Jersey, The School of Floral Design focuses exclusively on preparing students to succeed in the floral industry by instructing them in such subjects as plant and flower varieties and care, tools and supplies, and tenets of good floral design. Call (908) 782-3631 for more information about this school.