Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Ages 10 to 12

The pre-teen birthday parties are always the toughest to plan. This is the stage when a girl has not crossed into her teenage years yet, and still she looks at birthday parties with cartoon characters as childish or uncool for her age group. Girls at the age of 10-to-12 want to leave an everlasting impression on guests who attend the birthday party, so for parents, other family and friends throwing the party, it can get be a hard task.


Even though girls at this age do not prefer parties with cartoon characters, a party with a theme of a favorite musician, actress or other entertainer is a good choice. For instance, if the theme is a favorite musician, the invitations, balloons, cake and other décor should be of the musician. If you used a Hannah Montana theme, the birthday party could be labeled as a mini-concert. At the party, the girls can sing karaoke, mainly Hannah Montana songs, take "who knows Hannah Montana best" quizzes or even perform a mini-concert. What the mini-concert does is allow the girls to pick a favorite song, divide the song among the group, rehearse the song and sing it for the parents once the party is over. To add to the theme, the girls can be asked to wear Hannah Montana clothing.


A sleepover is a traditional party idea. Since the idea of the party is a sleepover, the invitations can instruct each child to come over in her pajamas. The invitation can display a sleeping bag or pajamas to set the theme. This way, parents do not have to pack extra clothing. There should be a dinner, generally pizza, hot dogs and other foods that girls this age love but do not eat regularly. After dinner, the girls can sing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl, and then the fun begins. The girls can play board games or video games, watch movies, paint their nails and do other girlie trends. Then once morning comes, the girls should be given breakfast, while waiting for parents to arrive.

Island Theme

For those parents who have a swimming pool, or access to renting a pool, a swimming party is a good idea for this age group. Of course, the parents throwing the birthday party should mandate that every girl that swims knows how to do so. This does not mean that the child cannot attend, but she is not permitted to swim. The swim party could be set up as a luau or other tropical paradise idea, where the girls are given leis, grass skirts and other items that would be found on the islands. The games can be a limbo-stick, volleyball (depending on size and location) and others. The food served can be tropical, such as Hawaiian pizza. The good thing about a luau is that if the weather is bad, and an indoor pool is not an option, the party and decorations can move inside.