Uses of Strawberry Extract

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Strawberry extract is strawberry flavoring in a bottle

Strawberry extract contains elements of strawberries, alcohol and water, although specific ingredients can vary from brand to brand. Some brands contain actual strawberry juice whereas others are purely synthetic. Use the extract in a variety of dishes and drinks to add or enhance a strawberry flavor, even if the dish already contains fresh strawberries. Adding strawberry extract to dishes may also add a slight pink coloring.


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Add strawberry extract to desserts to make them strawberry flavored. A few drops of strawberry extract to a cheesecake recipe will create a strawberry cheesecake and a few teaspoons to cake batter will create a strawberry flavored cake. Strawberry flavored bread, muffins, cookies and strawberry meringues can be created by adding strawberry extract to the original recipe. Do the same when creating homemade ice cream, gelatin or candy. Fruit pies can also benefit from the strawberry extract to create different flavors. For example, banana pie could evolve into strawberry banana pie, or lemon pie could become lemon strawberry pie. Add the extract to strawberry pie to add a little more strawberry flavor.



Turn whipped cream, vanilla icing or white frosting into strawberry with strawberry extract and pancake syrup can become strawberry syrup, adding a whole new dimension to breakfast. Create strawberry syrup from scratch with the extract and use it to coat the strawberries in a tart or pour it over a cheesecake.



Strawberry extract added to drinks will create a strawberry essence. Create strawberry flavored coffee or tea with just a few drops of the strawberry extract. Add strawberry extract to fruit juice to make the juice a strawberry blend or to a smoothie for a strawberry taste. Even add it to tonic water or sparkling water to create a strawberry flavored water. Add strawberry extract to alcoholic drinks to create strawberry margaritas and daiquiris.



Strawberry extract may be an ingredient in sauces to spice up a meal, such as a strawberry sauce over chicken or added to sides to create a delicious dish like lamb with strawberry couscous.



Strawberry jam can benefit from strawberry extract by intensifying the strawberry flavor or combine the extract with other flavors of jam, such as raspberry or guava, creating a new variety of flavors.



Apply strawberry extract to fresh strawberries to enhance the strawberry flavor.


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