Crafts With Styrofoam Egg Cartons

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Recycle Styrofoam egg cartons into simple, but creative, craft projects. Kids will enjoy making flowers, animals, ornaments and mobiles from pieces of the egg cartons. Styrofoam cuts easily and takes spray paint, paint pens, markers and acrylics well, so designing and decorating the egg carton crafts is a breeze.



Separate the individual compartments of an egg carton and transform each into the center of a five-petal flower. You can cut the top of the Styrofoam egg carton into petal shapes and glue them around the center cup. Spray paint the flower one color or get creative with acrylics.


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A single egg carton cup may also be used to make a tulip. Cut a V shape into each side of the cup to form the shape of an open tulip. Paint the tulip any color you like and make a stem with pipe cleaners.

Animals and insects

Make spider Halloween decorations with Styrofoam egg cartons. Cut out the individual cups from the egg carton to use as the spider's body. Spray paint the body black and insert black pipe cleaners as the legs.


If spiders are too scary, make the individual egg carton cups into a lady bug. Paint the inverted cup red with black dots and use black pipe cleaners as the legs and antennae.

Styrofoam egg carton caterpillars use a row of egg cups. Cut away a row of cups from the egg carton for the caterpillar's body. Place the egg cups upside down and paint them to resemble a caterpillar. Paint a face on the front egg cup and use colorful pipe cleaners as antennae.


Christmas Ornaments

Individual egg carton cups make simple ornaments for the Christmas tree. Paint the individual Styrofoam cups with acrylics or spray paint and coat the outside with sprinkles of glitter. Puncture the bottom center of the cup to create a hole. Tie a strip of ¼-inch wide ribbon to a jingle bell and thread the ribbon through the hole so that the bell is inside the egg cup. Tie a loop in the ribbon so it will hang from a tree.


Egg Carton Mobile

Make a variety of single egg cup animals, flowers and ornaments to hang from a mobile. Hang the egg carton creations from a metal craft ring with fishing line.


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