Blue & Gold Banquet Ideas

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Blue and gold banquets lend themselves to different theme ideas for Cub Scouts. Because blue and gold are easy to find, you can easily find party favors and decorations in the theme colors as well. The colors are bright and vibrant and are sure to liven almost any banquet hall. Many different shades of blue and gold are available, so you can choose the shade that works for your banquet.


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Nautical Banquet

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Go nautical for your Cub Scout banquet. Young boys love ships, and a nautical theme will make the banquet casual and fun. Create gold sailboats out of the napkins and use blue tablecloths to symbolize the water. Large gold anchors can decorate the walls. Tack white rope nets on the walls for an fun, authentic touch. Use gold paper boats with little blue flags on them as centerpieces for the nautical look.


Don't forget to extend the look to the invitations. The Scouts can help make the invitations by using construction paper to cut gold ships, then glue them onto blue construction paper. Use a white marker to write the time, date and place of the banquet. Mail the invitations in gold envelopes.

Space Shuttle Banquet

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Just as young boys love the sea, they also love aircraft. Why not create a space shuttle theme with the blue and gold? According to Boy Scout Trail, blue has several meanings in the Cub Scouts, including symbolizing the sky. The color gold can symbolize the sun. For the banquet, the boys can create papier mache Space Shuttle for the centerpieces. They can also make placemats and/or nametags with small Space Shuttle (rocket) cutouts on them. Large space shuttle figures can decorate the walls.


Traditional Cub Scout Themes

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For a more traditional Cub Scout banquet, create fun invitations using the cute animal cubs, with wolves, tigers or bears on front of the cards. The design can also be used for placemats. Decorate with gold and blue streamers and a large Cub Scout banner. Entertainment is key for a fun Cub Scout banquet that the boys and their families would enjoy. Hire a magician, asking him or her to incorporate the Cub Scout colors and themes in his or her act. The majority of the entertainment can come from the boys. Singing, skits or dancing can be included. You can also create a slide-show presentation with photos of the boys from the year.


Fun Balloons and Candy Banquet

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For a fun surprise, plan a balloon drop with gold and blue balloons. The balloons will look great hanging from the ceiling in a large net, and they will look even more impressive as they drop from the ceiling at the end of the evening. Create candy centerpieces with lollipops stuck into Styrofoam that is placed in a decorative box. Use blue and gold lollipops and candy. See resources below for instructions.


Banquet Food

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Food for the banquet should include meats, vegetables (raw and cooked) and desserts. A casual banquet can be potluck. When selecting food, keep the menu fun and light for the boys, and have options for the grown-ups, too. Finger sandwiches with cold cuts, chicken fingers and mini-burgers are good food options for the kids. Try to keep individual diets in mind. Have a vegetarian option and vegan food for people who are on specialized diets. Try incorporating your color scheme and theme in a cake for the banquet. Select the design for the cake within two weeks of the banquet so that it will be ready in time.


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