Indoor Graduation Party Games

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If graduation time is approaching for your friend or loved one, you owe it to them to throw an all-out spectacular, memorable graduation party. You probably think party games are only for small children's birthday parties or summer family reunions, but there are plenty of very appropriate and very entertaining games for graduation parties. You don't have to worry about the weather with these games; all are designed to be played indoors.

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Match The Year

Gather many pictures of the graduate from all of the years up to the his or her matriculation. Arrange the pictures on a table and place a poster board on a wall with each year written in columns at the top. Have guests match the pictures to the year and let the graduate tell them how many are correct.

Guess Who

Write the name of a teacher/professor on a sticky note. Attach the note to the back of a guest back when that guest arrives. The guest has to ask yes-or-no questions and guess who the person is by the end of the night. This works best if the party is mostly graduates who would all know the teacher. Also, the graduate would be a good target as the center of this game.

Mortarboard Catch

Have the graduate or graduates put back on their mortarboards. Give guests small plastic disks or coins to toss onto the mortarboard. The first person to land a coin on the mortarboard gets a prize. This is a very challenging yet entertaining game.

Famous Person

Have each guest pretend to be a famous person. This could be a celebrity, political figure or relative. The other guests have to try to guess who the person is pretending to be.

Key and String Game

You need two long rolls of string or yarn each with a key tied to the end. Divide the guests into two groups and have them line up. The guests much try to weave themselves together with the string, one person at a time, by letting the key and string go under their clothes and on to the next person. The game can also be played in the other direction, with the guests attempting to "unweave" themselves.

Eat the Chocolate

You will need a large chocolate bar for each guest, an assortment of clothing (a large hat, a coat, gloves and a scarf would do nicely), dice and a knife and fork for each guest. Have each guest roll the dice until one person gets a six. When that person rolls a six, they have to put on the clothing and eat the chocolate bar with the knife and fork. They must keep eating until another person rolls a six. There are no prizes, just the chance to eat chocolate. This is better for older children and adults.

Diploma Passing Game

Roll up two large, white posterboards and tie them with a red ribbon, so that they look like large diplomas. Divide guests into two groups and have them sit on the ground in a vertical line facing the front of the room. The person at the front of each line gets the diploma. The object of the game is for the diploma to be passed to the back of the line using only the guest's feet. They cannot turn around, but must pass the diploma behind them for the next person to grab with their feet. The first team to do this and get the diploma to the last person wins. This game is definitely for more able-bodied guests.

Blindfold Cotton Ball Game

For this you will need two large, clear fishbowls. Fill one with cotton balls and leave the other empty. Have the players attempt to transfer the cotton balls to the other bowl using a spoon. The trick is the person must do so while blindfolded.

Diploma Search

Roll up several sheets of white paper like diplomas and tie them with red ribbons. You will need at these 20 to 30 of these. Place the diplomas into a large, plastic bin and cover them with packing peanuts or torn newspaper to fill up the bin. Have two guests standing behind the bin and two standing about 10 feet in front of the bin. The guests behind the bin must search for diplomas to toss while the guests in front of the bin must catch the diplomas once they are thrown. The pair that both finds and catches the most wins.

Pass the Parcel

Wrap up a gift and have the guests sit in a circle. They must pass the gift around while music plays. Whoever has the gift when the music stops wins.


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