Games for Slumber Parties for Women

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A slumber party is often a treasured memory from a girl's childhood. It does not, however, need to remain a memory. Slumber parties for adult women can be as enjoyable as they were in girlhood. The games played may have changed from those played as a child, but the overall result of relaxation, laughter and quality time with girlfriends will be the same.


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Makeover Medley

A makeover contest is a way to incorporate a fun and feminine activity in a slumber party. Pair up all the guests or divide them into groups armed with makeup, hairstyling tools and clothing. Ask each guest to bring a variety of outfits and makeup and hair options with her to the slumber party, and the host should also keep a variety of supplies on hand. Choose one person in each group to make over. Work for one hour to transform the person and present her to the rest of the party. Everyone at the party should vote to choose the winning team with the best makeover.


Best Pajamas Contest

Ask all guests to bring silly, funny or crazy pajamas to the slumber party. At one point in the evening, ask each guest to model her pj's on a "catwalk" strip of carpet or floor in your home. All the party guests can vote as to who had their favorite set of pajamas. Distributing cocktails prior to the contest may be the motivation needed to persuade even the shiest and most modest guest to model her crazy pajamas.

Chick Flick Drinking Game

Choose a favorite chick flick and a word or phrase that is likely to be uttered multiple times during the movie. The selection of the word or phrase is likely to vary in relation to the movie, but some choices that will be likely to show up in a chick flick are boyfriend, girlfriend, date, party or I love you. Every time the chosen word or game is spoken, everyone watching the film must take a sip of her cocktail or take a shot of liquor. By the end of the film, all will likely be giggling and enjoying themselves.



Ask each woman to write down a true fact about herself that she doesn't think anyone will know. Toss all submissions in a bowl and the host will choose one slip of paper at a time to read aloud to the group. The guests must then try and guess who the factoid belongs to. The person with the most correct guesses wins. This is an ideal way to learn more about your friends, as well as gather material for some good-hearted blackmail later.