Acrylic Painting Classes on PBS

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The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has brought entertainment and information to viewers for decades. Some of its most popular educational programming has offered potential artists a chance to learn how to paint from the comfort of their homes. Gifted artists and instructors simplify painting techniques so the home viewer can easily follow the directions and create their own art.


Joy of Painting

The "Joy of Painting" has been a PBS staple for almost 30 years. The show is hosted by artist and teacher Bob Ross. The instructional classes are packaged in one-hour segments with easy-to-understand directions. The show teaches basic techniques of multi-layer paint formats and blending methods. Landscapes are the most common venue taught, but there also are classes for florals and wildlife. Classes can be purchased on DVD through and


Video of the Day

Love to Paint with Mimi

"Love to Paint With Mimi" is hosted by Mimi Sammis, whose art ranges from watercolors to acrylics to sculpture. The show teaches students how to shop for the right equipment for the types of painting they want to create, along with discussing different artists and what they have contributed to the art world. Mimi Sammis teaches new artists how to paint with both acrylics and watercolors, illuminating the differences in methods and techniques. "Love to Paint With Mimi" can be purchased on DVD through and


Your Brush With Nature

Heiner Hertling is the host of "Your Brush With Nature." Hertling is a multi-faceted artist who expresses his vision through paint and sculpture. "Your Brush With Nature" is a relatively new series, having been broadcast for only two seasons. The show teaches methods for painting scenery and wildlife as well as how to appreciate the beauty found in the ordinary. The types of paintings encouraged are very "down home" with a folk art styling. Classes can be purchased on DVD through and


One Stroke

"One Stroke" is hosted by artist Donna Dewberry, the inventor of the One Stroke Painting technique. The One Stroke technique is the application of two paint colors on a single brush. A single brush stroke is applied to the surface to achieve the proper effect. The show is not about painting pictures on canvas, but teaches how to liven up the ordinary and plain. Dewberry's methods show how to decorate the home with artistic touches on birdhouses, plates, jars, canisters and other items. Classes show how to create murals and ceiling borders as well as how to combine colors to fit with a room's existing color palette. Classes are available on DVD from and can be purchased at Jo-Ann Fabric Fabric and Craft Stores.



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