10 DIY Indoor Gardens for the Urban Gardener

Although apartment living might mean less room to cultivate a garden, bringing the outdoors in is possible. A more compact living space means using your square footage wisely and incorporating planter boxes and flower pots that enhance your home to make the most of what you've got. Take a look at these 10 ideas for adding a beautiful, organic touch to your urban home.

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1. Make Hanging Plant Holders

Repurpose old bottles into a three-layer plant holder. With just a few plastic bottles, spray paint and twine, you can show off your plants in a minimal, earth-friendly way.

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2. Create a Vintage-Inspired Succulent Wall Hanging

Because they are low maintenance, succulents are ideal for any city-dweller. See how to transform a vintage globe into a wall hanging for your plants.

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3. Keep Plants Off the Ground & Put Them On the Wall

Maximize your space by mounting plants on the wall with these contemporary wall holders. This project might be especially useful if you have little ones or pets.

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4. Grow a Self-Sustaining Vegetable Garden on Your Windowsill

Hold on to those scraps of celery, green onion and romaine lettuce that you would otherwise toss out. When planted, these amazing vegetables can regrow into a little indoor garden with just a bit of water and sunlight!

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5. Add a Charming Touch With Plastic Animal Planters

Reusing objects like toys can be a great way to infuse a playful aesthetic into your home. Click through to learn how to turn plastic animals into cute plant holders.

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6. Repurpose a Tea Cup Into a Flower Pot

Using a tea cup as a planter for herbs, succulents or smaller flowers adds a whimsical feel to your space. This lovely alternative to a ceramic flower pot makes a great gift or table centerpiece.

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7. Plant an Indoor Succulent Garden

The key to a flourishing garden is all in the mix! Take a look at how easy it is to create a table top garden with your favorite assortment of succulents.

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8. Transform Driftwood Into a Planter

For a decor piece that exudes rustic, coastal charm, try pairing a collection of succulents and air plants with a piece of driftwood. Here, we show you how to create a driftwood plant holder.

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9. Build a Glass Terrarium

Aside from being a small piece of art in itself, a terrarium is easy to create and maintain. The glass cloche keeps all of the moisture in so you rarely need to water the plants.

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10. Build a Mid-Century-Inspired Plant Stand

For the perfect afternoon DIY project, try making this sleek plant stand that looks like it belongs on the pages of Dwell magazine. This stand features a contemporary white pot, but feel free to choose your own pot in any color or pattern.

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