How to Build a Terrarium

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Glass cloche terrariums
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Glass cloche terrariums are not only appealing to the eye, but they also preserve a bit of nature in your home and serve as a simple, yet beautiful, piece of art. Closed terrariums are easy to care for, as they retain much of their own moisture and provide a warm environment with a consistent level of humidity. You won't have to water the terrariums unless you see that the walls are not misting up. Small growing plants that don't require a lot of light work best such as succulents, ferns, moss, even orchids.


What You'll Need:

  • Cloche
  • Planter saucer, small shallow dish or desired platform
  • Floral foam oasis
  • Ruler
  • Spoon
  • Floral wire pins or paper clips
  • Small plants (from a florist or nursery)
  • Moss
  • Tweezers
  • Other small decorative items (optional)

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Step 1

Dig a hole in the oasis.
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Measure the circumference of your cloche and cut the foam oasis about 3/4 inch (2 cm) smaller. Place the foam oasis into a container full of water and allow to soak until it sinks to the bottom. Dig out a hole on the oasis large enough to fit your plant, being careful not to pierce all the way through to the bottom.


Step 2

Orchid in foam oasis
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Insert your plant into the hole.


Step 3

Various foliage
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

You can add various plants if you wish.


Step 4

Attach moss.
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Using floral pins, attach enough moss around the oasis to cover it.



Step 5

Place cloche over oasis.
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Gently place the cloche over the oasis. The glass may push some of the moss upward, exposing some of the foam.


Step 6

Rearrange moss.
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Simply pull down the moss with tweezers or insert more moss to fill in the empty spaces.


Step 7

Place cloche on a platform to sit on.
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

You can use any platform you wish. In this case, a small saucer was used.

Step 8

Cloche placed on a terracotta saucer
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

This particular terrarium rests on a planter saucer and features a small white pumpkin.


Step 9

Placed on a wooden slice
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

This particular terrarium was placed on a wood slice and a little toy squirrel was placed inside to add a little whimsy.

Finished Terrarium

Cloche terrarium
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Displayed alone or in a group, these pretty arrangements allow you to add a little nature to your decor or tablescape.


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