Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony Ideas

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A ceremony welcoming a girl into the Girl Scouts can be memorable.

A Girl Scout investiture ceremony is an event where new members of the Girl Scouts organization, both children and adults, are welcomed. At the ceremony the new members receive a pin according to which part of the organization they are entering; either Girl Scout, Girl Scout Brownies or Girl Scout Daisies. The ceremony is an important event for many girls and women, and there are some ideas that can make it memorable.


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Regardless of the theme you choose for the ceremony, there are a few requirements that must be met. The new members must recite the Girl Scout Promise, they must be presented with the appropriate pin and verbally welcomed by the members of the troop they are entering. The Girl Scout Promise can be recited as a group or individually. For younger girls, it may put them more at ease to recite the promise in a group.

Candlelight Ceremony

After the requirements have been taken care of, some troops will perform a candlelight ceremony. This ceremony consists of 14 candles: 10 for the laws of Girl Scouts, three for the promises and one to light the others. The troop stands around a table in a horseshoe pattern and faces the audience. The girls go around the table lighting one candle at a time for each of the laws and promises.


Flag Ceremony

A flag ceremony can occur at either the beginning or end of the investiture ceremony. There are three roles that must be carried out during a flag ceremony. Flag bearers carry the flag, color guards protect the flag and the caller or girl scout in charge announces the various components of the ceremony as they occur. There can be any even number of color guards depending on the number of girls in the troop. The ceremony includes placing the flag in the flag stand, saluting the flag, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and removing the flag from the stand.


Flower Ceremony

To conduct a flower ceremony you require 10 groups of different flowers and a container to place the flowers in. Recite the Girl Scout Promise and, for each of the 10 laws, place one of the bunches of flowers in the container. Research flowers beforehand to find out the various meanings behind the flowers. This way you can use flowers that have a meaning to match each of the laws they represent. The flower ceremony can be done before or after investiture or as the Promise is recited during investiture.