Specifications of a Craftsman LT3000 Riding Lawn Mower

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The Craftsman LT3000 is a riding mower sold exclusively through Sears stores. The mower comes with most standard specifications featured on other riding mowers, especially those in the Craftsman series. The six-speed tractor reaches just over five mph and runs on standard gasoline.


The forward motion features six speeds. First gear runs at 1.2 mph, second at 1.5, third at 2.4, fourth at 3.5, fifth at 4.8 and sixth at 5.3. The reverse runs at 1.5 mph.


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A built-in battery runs at 28 amps and powers the headlights. The mower includes a battery charging system.

Gas Tank

The gas tank takes regular unleaded gas and has a 1.5-gallon capacity. It's located under the mower's front hood.


Steering Wheel

The user directs the mower with a standard circular steering wheel connected to shafts on the front tires.

Attachment Clutch

The double-bladed mower deck is activated with the attachment clutch cable and lever. The lever lifts and locks into position to activate the blades.



The engine operates with 20 horsepower and uses an electric start to operate.


The mower measures at 42 inches long from the front headlight to the rear wheel covers.



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