Ideas for a Road Rally for Teens

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Road rallies are a popular pastime for teens.

A road rally is a fun, organized driving experience that may involve a road race, scavenger hunt, or some other type of adventure. Ideas for road rallies for teens are plenty, but planning is essential to make the road rally fun and safe. The most important rules to set for a teen road rally is for them to obey the speed limit, wear seat belts and obey all driving laws. Depending on the age of the teenagers, you may want to have an adult driving the vehicle.


Secret Road Rally Party

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Send out invitations to a secret location where a party will be held. Include a clue treasure map, which leads the guests to the party's location by way of a road rally. Designate drivers and teens to specific cars. Each group needs to follow clues on a road rally treasure map to find the party.

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Photograph Road Rally

Separate the groups of teens into vehicles. Give each group a list of places they need to go to take a group photograph. The photograph will be proof each group completed the road rally. Scramble the list of places for each group, so they won't be at the same place at the same time. Be specific in the instructions for each photograph. For example, have them do a human pyramid in front of a certain store, or have them go to a fast food restaurant and order a drink with enough straws for each of them.


Receipt Road Rally

A receipt road rally is played in much the same way as the photograph road rally, except a cash register receipt is the proof needed they completed each step. Give each group a list of things they need to buy to complete the rally. For example, they must purchase a package of gum, one hamburger, some socks, a plant, a milkshake, or gasoline etc. Specify that the receipts should come from different stores and locations.


Thanksgiving Dinner Road Rally

This road rally for teens is a service project to collect a Thanksgiving or holiday dinner for people in need. Separate the teens into vehicles. Give them a list of food needed for a complete Thanksgiving dinner. Each group of teens drives around designated neighborhoods knocking on doors and asking for the food needed. The turkey or ham may be the most difficult part of the dinner for them to locate, so maybe have designated neighbors or families already have one in their freezer available. Deliver the dinners to a homeless shelter or specific families in need.


Roll the Dice Road Rally

Make a large cardboard cube for each vehicle. Draw an arrow pointing forward, backward or left or right on each side of the cube. The teens in the vehicle roll the cube at each stop sign or traffic light and they must go the direction the arrow indicates to the best of their ability. Some rolls may not work and so they can roll again. The idea is for them to get to a certain predetermined location for a party.



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