What to Get Your Wife for Her 60th Birthday

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Plan a small gathering as part of your wife's 60th birthday gift.

Your wife will be celebrating her 60th birthday this year, a landmark in her life that may also remind you of the adventurous and heartfelt years the two of you have spent together. You can make this special day even more memorable for her by selecting a gift that fits her personality or interests, or reminds her of a wonderful time in her life.



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A quality piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to wish your wife a happy 60th birthday — particularly if the piece will become one of her more treasured items. If she loves pearls, give her a necklace or bracelet in classic white, pink or black that best expresses her personal style. Or, present her with a gold or silver charm bracelet, including a trinket to represent her life's accomplishments, such as an initial charm for each of her children, or an apple if she's devoted her life to being a teacher. Jewelry that features her birthstone is classy and elegant as well, such as a necklace with a garnet pendant for a January birthday or an emerald bracelet if she was born in May.

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Framed Gifts

Find a photo of your wife in her younger years, such as in high school, or the year the two of you met. You can also choose a photo from a previous milestone birthday, and add a gold or silver plate to the cherry wood or mahogany frame that says "You're still just as beautiful. Happy birthday." Or, select a gold or silver frame to house a list or love note you've written for your wife. For instance, a list of 60 things you love about your wife, or a love note telling your wife how proud you are of the things she's accomplished in her 60 years of life is ideal.


Surprise Vacation

Organize a surprise vacation for your wife as her 60th birthday gift to create another unforgettably pleasant memory for her. Take her to a place she's always wanted to visit, and include the people she loves most in the surprise. For instance, book tickets for the two of you to visit Hawaii, arrange for spa services and a luau attendance, then give her the plane tickets on her birthday before driving her to the airport. Or, plan a surprise party for your wife with your children and close family members and present her with the tickets there. At that time, reveal that everyone at the party is also coming with you to Hawaii, so you can all celebrate together.


"Favorite Things" Gift Basket

Present your wife with a basket full of the things she loves most to help her relax on her birthday, like lavender-scented candles, fuzzy house slippers and a collection of bath gels. Include a birthday card telling her how much she means to you, along with her favorite wine, bottled in the year she was born, for the two of you to enjoy. Or, compile a basket indicative of the decade she was born. Refinish a photo of her as a baby or young child, and have it framed to include in the basket. Add some of her favorite '50s candies, like saltwater taffy or Mike and Ikes, along with DVDs of the shows she loved to watch, like "Leave It to Beaver" or "Father Knows Best."


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