Ways to Make a Creative Medieval Castle

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Creating a model medieval castle is a unique way to experience a piece of history.

Castles are one of the most predominant symbols of medieval times. Whether for a school project, art collection or just for fun, building a model of a medieval castle can be a great way to express your own creativity and learn a little about this historic era in the process. There are many ways you can create a medieval castle using various types of material.


Paper or Cardboard

Using different colored paper can give your castle a personalized look.

Perhaps the most basic method for building a model of a medieval castle is to use paper or cardboard. While these materials may lack the durability or stability other mediums would provide, using paper to build your medieval castle does offer design flexibility. For example, use different colors or textures of paper to enhance your castle's design.


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Wood or Metal

Using wood or metal to make your medieval castle is another option. There are many types of wood you can use, from basic Popsicle sticks or toothpicks to small wood pieces designed for craft projects to lumber purchased from a hardware store. The same goes for metal. Consider materials such as old aluminum cans, sheets of metal or wire. If using wood or metal to build your castle, don't be afraid to mix and match different sizes and types, just as with paper, to give your castle's design added dimension.



Clay can be a little difficult to work with, but it can also make your castle look more realistic.

A potentially more difficult medium to work with, clay can also be used to create your medieval castle. This material allows for the flexibility in design that paper does, while offering the durability of other materials such as wood or stone. Working with clay can be tricky if you have never used it before, but with proper preparation and a little practice, it is doable.


Brick or Stone

To give your castle a more realistic look, you can also opt to use brick or stone for construction, especially if you are building a larger scale model. To use brick or stone for your medieval castle, you need something to hold the pieces in place, such as mortar or cement, or for smaller castle models, use craft glue or paste.


Edible Materials

Making an edible castle can be as fun to create as it will be to eat.

If you are feeling a bit more creative and the need for your medieval castle model is temporary, one option is to use edible materials. Use rice crispy treats and food coloring, cake and frosting, cookies and chocolate or anything else you can think of that would allow your castle to be structurally sound. Be sure to wash your hands before you begin and keep your castle in the proper temperature environment.


Creative Combinations

Perhaps the best way to make a creative medieval castle is to think outside of the traditional and combine all of the materials above. For example, roll out clay for the walls and embed stones in it to give it added texture. Or use wire and tissue paper to build your castle, which when complete will permit you to use a flameless candle inside your castle to make it glow through the thin paper. The possibilities are endless.



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