Funny Monologue Ideas

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Monologues are a good way to entertain your guests and to make them comfortable.

Delivering a funny monologue is a good way to entertain your guests at a party because it requires a little creativity on your part and helps the guests warm up and get to know each other. When deciding on what to discuss during your monologue, you probably want to stay away from topics that are sexist, culturally offensive or disrespectful toward religion because you could offend some of your guests. Also, use your own personal experiences as inspiration for your monologue and don't discuss overly serious topics, such as foreign policy or upcoming elections.


College Years

If you're hosting a party for your former college classmates, you can deliver a monologue about your time in college and what you gained from those experiences. For example, if you volunteered as a disc jockey for your campus radio station, you can discuss the time when you hosted an afternoon talk show and realized you didn't have your notes ready for an interview with a local musician, so you had to rely on your memory and ad-lib. Think of other funny college-related stories, perhaps about your fraternity or sorority, your roommates or your professors.


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Adventures in Parenthood

Since parenthood has many funny moments, you can give a monologue about your life as a parent. If your twin daughters have eclectic tastes in music and food, talk about the time when they wouldn't settle for anything less than Indian and Caribbean food for their Sweet 16 or how they decorated their rooms with posters of classic jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald or Dizzy Gillespie, rather than the typical pop artists most teenagers like. If you have little ones, surely it would be easy to come up with an amusing anecdote about changing diapers, silly first words or something embarrassing the baby did in public.


If you and your guests grew up in the '80s and '90s, for example, you can discuss the fashion trends you used to love during those decades. For example, you can talk about how you and your friends favored hip-hop clothing such as Adidas shoes, Kangol hats and Karl Kani jackets. Or you can mention the time when your hairdresser gave you a hairstyle that looked like a poor imitation of Madonna's signature look and you proudly sported it at your homecoming dance. Almost any decade produced clothing and hairstyles that can now easily be made fun of.


Cooking Disasters

If you're hosting a dinner party or potluck meal, you can discuss some of your cooking disasters that occurred over the years. For example, you can talk about the first bake sale you held in your neighborhood, and because you nearly burned most of your cupcakes, your parents had to rush to a nearby bakery to purchase cupcakes and cookies. Or you can discuss the time when you tried to fry chicken for your family but the pieces were still mostly pink on the inside. Stories about your first experience as a server in a restaurant could also get some laughs.


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