Things to Do With Fast Food Cup Holders

You get fast food cup holders when you order more than one drink at a fast food restaurant. Many people simply throw them away, but you can use these neat little things to create some amazing crafts. It's a perfect way to recycle; turning something unneeded into a clever decoration or useful item to keep around the house.

Gothic Cross Craft

Cut the corners from your drink cup holder, including the bottoms where the cups typically sit. You will be left with a rough "cross." You can then turn the drink holder over and spray paint it before adding decorative jewels. This can be used as a Halloween or spooky decoration.

Christmas Snowflake Craft

Cut around the outside of the cup holder, leaving the bottoms where the drinks usually sit. You'll be essentially cutting the "wall" of the cup holder, leaving a snowflake shape. Place the shape upside down into a cardboard box or on newspapers and spray paint it white. Use glitter glue or silver jewels to decorate and tie a ribbon for hanging.

Seed Starters

Fill each cup area of the cup holder with potting soil and place seeds in the soil. You can also cut the holder first so you have individual pockets rather than the four that are attached. Once the seeds sprout, you can plant the entire pocket in the ground because the cup holder is biodegradable.


Collect cup holders you receive from fast food restaurants. When you have about five or so, place them on newspaper and paint them any color you choose. You can coat them in clear spray paint to make them stronger and to seal them. Put them in your bathroom cabinets to organize jewelry or hair accessories. You can also use them in your shed or garage to organize small tools.