Cut & Paste Printable Crafts for Preschool

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Scissor skills help in the development of motor skills.

Cut and paste crafts help preschool children develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Using scissors fosters dexterity and focus. Crafts requiring cutting out basic shapes allow children to be creative and practice recognizing a variety of shapes.


Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet bingo can help kids recognize letters and practice cutting. Print a bingo card with the letters of the alphabet on a piece of construction paper. Children have to search a magazine for letters that will fit the card. Cut out the letter and glue it to the corresponding letter until the card is full. The bingo card can also be based on colors, animals, objects, words or anything else that can be found in a magazine.


Position one popsicle stick vertically and another horizontally 1/3 down the first stick and glue together. Print a sheet with kite triangles on colored paper. Children can cut out the triangles and glue them to the popsicle sticks. Have the children practice cutting in a straight line by cutting strips of tissue or crepe paper. Glue the strips to the bottom of the kite. The craft can also be done by gluing the triangles on a piece of construction paper if you do not have sticks.


Lady Bug

This craft can help children practice cutting curved lines. Print a large lady bug outline on red construction paper. Children can cut circles from black construction paper and glue them on the lady bug. You can modify the project to gluing spots on a Dalmatian, cheetah, owl, leopard, frog, sting ray, salamander, deer or any other spotted animal.

Fruit Bowl

In this project children can practice cutting out diverse shapes. Print the outline of multiple fruit shapes like a banana, apple, peach, pineapple and grapes on white construction paper. Cut out a big bowl on brown construction paper. Have the children color and cut out all of the fruits and glue the fruit to the bowl. This craft can also be adapted by putting ice cream scoops on a cone, things you can roast in a pan, breads in a basket, flowers in a vase and anything else held in a container.