When Are Elderberries Ripe?

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Red elderberries are considered inedible.

In order to tell if elderberries are ripe, you need to know the type of elderberry with which you're dealing. Several types of elderberry shrubs are available, each with many common names and a generally similar appearance. The time of flowering, timing of berry production and berry color all provide valuable identifying information you can use to differentiate among the elderberries.


Dark Berries

European elder (Sambucus nigra) is also called common elder or black elder. Black elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) is also called American elder or sweet elder. Both of these types of elderberries produces fruits that ripen from late July to September and turn purple to black when ripe. These darker berries are the elderberries most often used in food and drink recipes.


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Red Berries

Red elderberry (Sambucus pubens) produces red berries. The North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension lists this elderberry as a poisonous plant. Its berries are not considered edible. Red elderberry (Sambucus racemosa), also known as scarlet elder or stinking elderberry, is another red-berried elder. Its berries are bright red when ripe. Resources differ regarding whether the berries are edible. While some use the berries in jellies and wines after cooking, the berries "may be toxic if taken internally without sufficient preparation," according to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay Herbarium lists the berries as not edible.


Flowering and Berry Production

Elderberries can be raised in the home garden or picked from wild bushes. Red elderberry shrubs produce yellowish-white flowers in May. They have smaller flower clusters, approximately 3 to 5 inches in size. Black elderberry shrubs have larger flower clusters, 6 to 10 inches in size, which appear in June to July. Generally, black elderberries ripen to a deep purple or black color in late August to early September, while red elderberries develop a scarlet red color and are ready in late June to July. Elderberries are a source of phosphorous, potassium and vitamin C.


Harvest and Use

Harvest the berries by collecting a full cluster of fruits. Immediately place the clusters in a container because the berries tend to fall from the clusters. Elderberries may be used in making juice, wine, jelly and syrup. The fruits are also useful as a dessert filling. You may can or freeze whole berries for later use. The berries are usually cooked because fresh, uncooked berries are bland and have an unpleasant astringent flavor. The Sambucus canadensis cultivar "Nova" has sweeter berries that lack this astringency.


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