Popular Ideas for "Friends" Halloween Costumes

The television show "Friends" created some fashion trends while it was on the air.

Halloween provides a time for people to get dressed up in fancy, silly or scary costumes and have fun. If you want to veer from traditional costumes such as ghosts, princess and pirates, choose a costume from pop culture, such as a character from the 1990s television program, "Friends" (1994 - 2004). "Friends"-themed costumes are appropriate for an individual or a group of friends who want to dress in themed costumes.

Female Charaters

Monica Geller, played by Courtney Cox, was the clean freak, organized amd stuffy character on "Friends." Dress like Monica by wearing a dark wig (short or long is fine -- her hair changed during the show) and conservative, but tight-fitting clothing such as a white blouse and black skirt. Monica was a chef in the series, so a chef hat is an appropriate accessory.

Rachel Green was played by actress Jennifer Aniston. Her character came from a well-to-do family, but she was living on her own, working as waitress at a coffee shop. Rachel changed her hair in the second season to a style that became the rage for American women. "The Rachel," as it was called by hair salon stylists, is a must for a Rachel costume. Dress in tight shirts and pants and accessorize with expensive looking jewelry. Rachel worked at Ralph Lauren in later seasons, so wearing fashionable clothing is a must for a Rachel Green costume.

Pheobe Buffay was the free-spirited and quirky friend played by Lisa Kudrow. Pheobe dressed in long dresses, peasant blouses and other "hippie" style clothes. Dress like Phoebe Buffay by wearing a long blond wig, a granny dress and boots. Accessorize with long dangling earrings and vintage style necklaces.

Male Characters

Ross Geller was Monica's older brother on "Friends." The character was played by the actor David Schwimmer. Ross was a paleontologist, so someone dressed in a "Ross" costume must be able to speak intelligently about dinosaurs. Wear a short, brown wig -- Ross also often had bad haircuts -- and geeky, collegiate clothes. Ross also had a massive crush on the "Rachel" character, so someone in a Ross costume could include a framed picture of Rachel. Ross had a pet monkey named Marcel.

Chandler Bing was played by Matthew Perry. Chandler was always making jokes, which sometimes only he found funny. Wear a short brown wig and wear a suit, as Chandler often dressed in business attire. A Chandler costume relies more on personality than on appearance.

Joey was played by Matt LeBlanc. The Joey character was an aspiring actor who was big on looks, but shy on brains. Wear a short, brown wig that you are constantly checking and primping. Wear a black turtleneck and tight fitting jeans. Practice the phrase, "How you doin'?" as this was Joey's trademark.


Bring the "Friends" characters to life by creating masks of the actors' faces. Print the face images onto paper, mount on cardboard and add elastic to the sides to create masks featuring all the characters of the show. Create eye holes for safer mobility.

Another way to create masks of the "Friends" actors is to draw a caricature of each face. Hire an artist to create the faces, color and cut them out. Mount the faces on cardboard, and add a craft stick to the bottom. Hold a mask up to the face to help complete a "Friends" costume.


Supporting actors from the show can also be used as inspiration for a costume. For instance, Gunther worked with Rachel at the coffee shop, Uresela was Pheobe's twin, and Marcel was Ross's pet monkey.

You could also spell out "Friends" on a large piece of cardboard and attach it to a black sweatshirt with duct tape. Carry a portable music player that can blast out the theme song when you enter the party or event.