3D Haunted Houses for a School Project

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Create your own mini spooky haunted house using household materials.

When you enter a haunted house, the first question on your mind is probably, "Is this place really haunted?" For many people, haunted mansions are gimmicky attractions that are solely for fun. However, for many ghost hunters, haunted houses are filled with very real beings of the supernatural. You can build one of these three-dimensional haunted houses and decide for yourself.


Milk Carton Diorama

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Recycle empty milk cartons and transform them into a ghostly haunted house. Cut off the bottom panels of all the cartons using a craft knife. Take one carton and cut it all around diagonally, so that the top is fully exposed. Cut another carton diagonally, but at a different height. Wrap all of the cartons in black construction paper and attach them with glue. Use white chalk to draw windows, doors and other openings. Cut out the openings carefully. Glue the sides of the cartons together, so that the tall milk carton is in the middle. Place tea lights or battery lights in the open cartons and light it up.

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Shoe Box Diorama

If you have a penchant for the extremely detailed, you can craft a one-of-a-kind haunted house in a shoe box. Take off the cover of the box and set it aside. Cut out two cardboard panels to make a three-room house. The panels should be sized to the width and height of the box. Slide the panels into the box and secure them with tape. You can add more rooms or create a two-story house by inserting additional panels. Decorate each room with a ghostly theme. Use magazine cutouts for wall paper and craft furniture from clay or construction paper. You can cut small pieces of tissue paper and hang them from the roof of the box to make 3-D ghosts. Cut out windows on the box cover and line them with cellophane or plastic. Replace the cover. Cut out a large triangle, the length of the box, from construction paper to make make a roof. Secure it with glue.


Two-Story Box Diorama

Create a large haunted house with several rooms and stories by stacking several shoe boxes together (with the tops off). Attach the short ends of two equal-sized boxes together. The open sides should be facing toward you. Stack two additional boxes on top of the bottom two and glue them in place. This is your house. If you want to add more floors, continue stacking boxes on top. Cut out a piece of cardboard, where the length is the size of the house and the width is two inches more than the house. Fold it in half. Glue or tape the sides to the box edges. You should have a sloping roof. Use magazine cut outs, construction paper or small doll toys to fill the house. You can use cotton balls or starched cheese cloth to add a ghostly presence in some of the rooms.


Cardboard Haunted Mansion

Use a plain cardboard box to make a crafty haunted house. Remove the bottom panels of the box. Open the four flaps at the top of the box. Lift the longer flaps toward each other to make a sloping roof. Tape them together. Lift a narrow side panel and cut it into triangle shapes to slide into the sloping roof. Tape the pieces together. Draw various windows and doors on the sides of the box. Cut out shapes with a craft knife. Use paint, magazine cut outs, doll furniture and fabric and glue to decorate the walls of the house. Insert objects through the bottom of the box. When you are finished, place the box over a small lamp or flashlight to add an eerie glow.



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