Landscaping Ideas for a Lawn Surrounded by Woods

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Work with the natural setting when landscaping a lawn surrounded by woods.

When you have a lawn surrounded by woods, it can be difficult to find landscaping options that do not take away from the natural beauty of the setting. As you plan a lawn design, look for options that do not compete with the trees; instead, choose landscaping elements that work with the natural environment and enhance the border between the lawn and the woods.


Clean Edges

When your lawn is surrounded by woods, it can be challenging to keep the grass on the border neat and orderly. To create a clean edge on your lawn, use a border that fits the look you want to create in your yard. For a contemporary look, use landscaping pebbles or square flagstones to make a straight line around the edge of the yard. If you want to create a more organic atmosphere, use low, small hedges; keep in mind that shaped hedges often require more maintenance.


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Shrubs and Bushes

To create an organic landscaping design that makes a smooth transition from woods to lawn, use shrubs and bushes. Start with taller varieties near the trees, and put in plants of decreasing size until you reach the lawn. Mix plants of different heights so the arrangement doesn't look too orderly and planned. Aim for an end result that looks as though it might have grown naturally, and choose plants that fit into the natural flora of your area.



The contrast between grass and trees can be one of the most attractive features of a lawn surrounded by woods. To create a border that works with the environment without introducing unnatural objects, use medium-sized boulders. Look for boulders that have unique shapes for an organic effect, and use them to line the edge of the yard. The rocks can serve as a fence, makeshift seats or a place for children to play.


Water Feature

Turn your yard into a forest oasis by putting in a water feature. On one corner of the lawn, put in a small, shallow pool. Design the pool to look like a small pond in the woods by using a natural bank and putting in medium-sized rocks and plants. If you want a more dramatic look, install a small waterfall that tumbles down over rocks into the pool. To add a lush, wild touch, surround the back edge of the pond with plants whose leaves spill over into the water.



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