What Soil Is Best for a Mango Tree?

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Mango trees can grow in almost any soil if cared for properly

The good news for would-be mango tree growers is that the mango tree does well in any soil type. It prefers a sandy or loamy soil, but it will also do very well in soils with a high percentage of clay. As long as you make sure to follow the guidelines for care, your mango trees will do well.


Moisture Issues with Mango Tree Soil

Mango trees require ample moisture to grow and produce well. The tree must also not sit in stagnant water. For this reason, you must ensure that the soil is well-drained. One way to do this is to plant the mango tree on a slope, which will encourage drainage. Do not plant on too steep of a grade, or the drainage will be too much and the mango tree will not receive enough water.

Soil Chemistry for Mango Trees

Mango trees prefer soil that has a pH ranging from neutral to slightly acidic. If your soil's aluminum is low, your soil may be as acidic as 5.5 pH. While nutrient-rich soil is more ideal for fast growth and ample fruit production, mango trees will still do well in poorer soils, particularly with fertilization. Minimum requirements for calcium, phosphorus and potassium is 200, 20 and 80 parts per million, respectively.


Problems with Mango Tree Soil

Mango trees do not do well in compacted soil, as it makes it difficult for the root system to spread. For this reason, planting in extremely rocky soil is also discouraged. Too much water will cause the mango tree to be under its appropriate aeration level. This will also encourage proliferation of fungal disease and damping off in young seedlings.

Maintenance of Mango Tree Soil

When mango trees are still young, daily watering is required. As the tree grows, this may be reduced to every two to three days, depending on the growth of the mango tree and your climate. If your soil has poor drainage, the addition of sand will correct this issue. If calcium and phosphorus levels are too low, incorporate lime or a phosphate mixture into the soil before planting. Fertilize twice a year, once before the mango tree flowers and once after the fruit is harvested.