How Often Should You Water Gardenia?

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With proper watering, a gardenia will develop fragrant, showy flowers.

Gardenias are a common plant specimen in southern landscapes, able to withstand the heat while producing showy, white and fragrant flowers. Depending upon the variety, the plant will grow between 2 and 8 feet tall and wide. Gardenias also thrive in acidic soil with a pH range between 5 and 6. The other key to getting gardenias to grow their best is to water them with the proper amount of water at the correct intervals.


How Much to Water

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According to the National Gardening Association, gardenias that are grown outdoors need at least 1 inch of water each week. The Plant-Care website advises to follow these watering recommendations during the plant's active growing season.

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How Often to Water

Upon planting gardenias into a landscape, water them at least twice a week for the first six weeks, according to the University of Florida Extension. When the plant is established, cut back watering to once a week.


Watering Needs for Growing Indoors

Growing a gardenia indoors is a bit more challenging than growing it outdoors, but it is still possible, according to Purdue University. A proper watering regimen is key, as the plant must combat dry, hot air and less-than-ideal lighting conditions. It is critical to consistently monitor the condition of the top inch of soil for gardenias that are grown indoors. When it becomes dry, it is time to thoroughly water the plant.


Effects of Inadequate Watering

For gardenias that are grown indoors, the plant will suffer if the soil is kept constantly wet. It can deprive the plant's roots of the air it needs to thrive. Leaves can turn dull, yellow and begin to drop. Water also determines the amount of buds that appear on each stem, so adequate watering will produce more blooms.



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