75th Birthday Themes

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Though all birthdays are special, a 75th birthday deserves a special celebration to honor the milestone that it is. Trade in the traditional cake and ice cream for something new and exciting. Gather family and friends to assist in creating the perfect themed birthday celebration to ring in the 75th year of your loved one's life. Show your love and admiration or fill her day with innocent humor with a great themed birthday party for all to enjoy.


Year You Were Born

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Pending your guest of honor's personality, this theme can be used to fill his day with humor. Remind him of how times have changed over the years. Create or buy invitations that pertain to the year he was born. Use images such as personal pictures (baby picture and current picture) or news headlines from the birth year. Decorate with memorabilia from the decade he was born. Use items such as movie posters, music posters, car pictures and clothing pictures. Prepare a menu of the birthday person's favorite childhood foods and other popular eats from that time. Make or purchase a cake that will add to the theme. Create a soundtrack of music from the year he was born to the present. Party games can also be included with this theme and will help the guest of honor feel witty. An appropriate game is a time-line history quiz. Provide a door prize for the winner.


Video of the Day

This is Your Life

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Using the many stories told to you and others by your guest of honor over the years, create a "This is Your Life" theme party. Contact friends and family from her past to join in on the festivities to serve as the mystery guests. Have her guess the voices of these guests. To decorate for the party, use traditional birthday decorations including a decorated chair in the center of the room for your guest of honor to sit. Personalize the cake with images from the guest of honor's past. For the menu use finger foods such as finger sandwiches, cheese trays and shrimp cocktail. Should you choose to play games at the party, trivia games are a great addition to this theme. If you would like to provide party favors, a small framed present-day photo of the guest of honor is suitable.


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

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Create a memoir of your birthday guest by putting together a newspaper filled with achievements, marriages, births, traveling and favorite recipes. Use personal photographs and stories worthy of the front page of your newspaper. This can be of great honor to the guest of honor. To decorate for the party, use different headlines from the newspaper to decorate the walls. Invitations can be smaller versions of your newspaper to report the critical details of the party. You can have an image of the newspaper printed onto the cake or a photograph of the birthday guest. For food, create some of the recipes that you have printed in your paper. Print smaller versions of the paper to send home with guests.



A Formal Affair

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Create an elegant and classy affair to celebrate a 75th birthday. A sit-down dinner is great for this theme. You can have the menu catered or prepare the menu yourself. Decorate with dim lights, candles and flowers. Fabrics are a beautiful decoration when draped around columns and from the ceiling. To honor the birthday guest of honor, create a slide show of achievements and photographs to share with all the party-goers. Design or purchase elegantly styled invitations. Ensure that you include the attire requirements on the invitations to inform all guests.


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