The Best Birthday Messages for Friends

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The best birthday messages are celebratory and festive, but also personal and meaningful. When a close friend has a birthday, you may put time, effort and money into buying a present or organizing a party, but it is the quality of the birthday message that makes the moment wonderful. The best memories are created with the most unique and personal birthday messages.


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Make It Memorable

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Poetry is the language of love. Compose a special little poem to make your friend feel special. He will always remember the thought behind the effort, and will appreciate the idea. It is not difficult to write a simple little poem, but it should capture the essence of what your friend means to you and how you hope this birthday is wonderful. If writing an original poem is too challenging, then copying and writing a few lines from a famous poem will serve the same purpose.


Make It Funny

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Shared humor brings people together. Writing a funny birthday wish will make your friend smile and the wish will be special. The joke need not be too long, but it should be witty and personal — something that makes your friend feel that you know what it takes to make him smile. Some of the best birthday messages are a line long and end with a witty remark that lightens the mood and makes the recipient happy.


Make It Sentimental

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Birthdays are sentimental days when the person celebrating is feeling both happy and nostalgic. The sensitive friend will remember this when composing a birthday greeting. The message should be touching, sentimental and special. A personal wish reminding your friend of the special times you two may have had together and a wish to continue the same makes a birthday greeting special. The message should be a renewal of vows, a kind of promise that this day marks a new year for the friendship.


Make It Personal

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A personal wish has a personality of its own. It is original and individual. The best birthday message makes a friendship feel unique. Take into account the nature of the friendship and base your message on that. The person celebrating should see the importance of the friendship through the wish. A quick, short "Happy Birthday" is impersonal when it's a friendship that means something. Make the message personal by making it from the heart. The sincerity will shine through.