Bath Pillow Tips

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A bath pillow can make lounging in your tub much more comfortable.

After a long day, a relaxing soak in your bathtub can be an ideal way to unwind. Depending on the design of your tub, however, your neck and head can quickly become uncomfortable if you lean back against the hard edge of the bathtub. Using a bath pillow to support your head and neck as you lounge in the tub is the most effective way to prevent muscle strains or pain. You have a variety of options to choose from, and your pillow will last for quite some time as long as you care for it properly.


Choose a Durable Pillow

Bath pillows are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials. When selecting one for your home, opt for a pillow that has a durable plastic or vinyl exterior so it can withstand the extremes between hot and cold water or any bathing products that you might use. It must also be strong enough to provide support for your neck while you lay in the tub. However, a bath pillow with a foam interior is usually more comfortable for placement under your neck and head, so look for an option that combines foam with a vinyl exterior. Avoid bath pillows that have a fabric cover because they usually do not do well in the moist, humid environment of a bathtub.


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Consider Your Needs

Because there are a variety of bath pillows, you should search for one that meets your specific needs. If you prefer steaming hot baths, look for a pillow that features vents that allow the heat to pass through without building up. Some pillows are designed so that they may be filled with cold or hot water and used as a compress. This type of pillow may be a good fit if you are prone to migraines or sore muscles. You can even find luxury bath pillows that have a massaging feature, which may be a good investment if you tend to get a stiff neck or other muscle aches.


Secure in Place

To ensure your comfort and safety, your bath pillow must be secured in place so it does not slide around while you relax in the tub. Many pillows feature suction cups that hold it in place against the side of the bathtub. Press the cups firmly against the surface so a tight seal is formed. You can also opt for a bath pillow that has a counterweight that curves over the edge of the tub and helps ensure that it stays in place when you lean back against it.


Clean Regularly

Like a shower curtain and other surfaces in a humid, moist environment, a bath pillow can easily develop mildew during the course of its use. To prevent the growth of mold, clean your pillow after each use. Wash it with an antibacterial soap, taking care not to scrub too hard so the vinyl or plastic covering is not damaged. Allow it to dry thoroughly outside of the bathroom before returning it to its usual storage area.



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