Disney Aladdin Snack Ideas

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An Aladdin-themed party wouldn't be complete without traditional mezze finger foods.
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Disney has produced many movies that have been based off of classic tales and folklore. One of those movies is "Aladdin," which is a modern Disney take on the "Arabian Nights" tale of a boy who finds a magic lamp and has his wishes granted. The tale is charming and magical, making it a good theme to use as a party idea. Creating and using snacks that have the look and feel of the movie and tale itself will help make your party a success.


Finger Foods

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Finger foods work well for parties, and using items closely associated with Middle Eastern cuisine can help bring the theme of your Aladdin party together. Simple finger foods that work well include bowls of olives placed all around the party. Place bowls of toothpicks nearby for easy access. Place baskets of toasted pita bread, cut in to triangles, close by to the other food items. You can also use flatbreads in various flavors, which also are om keeping with the theme.

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Get Dipping

Setting up a snack station of foods more in tune with adult taste buds is optional when hosting an Aladdin party. Dips and spreads common to Middle Eastern and Persian culture are based in part on vegetables. To use these types of appetizers with other items set out at the party, opt for dips and spreads that go well with the pita and flatbreads. Hummus is the best-known Middle Eastern dip. The flavorful, chickpea-based spread can be flavored in a variety of ways. Make an assortment of hummus flavors to suit all tastes. Have one bowl of traditional hummus, flavored with garlic and lemon along with other, more jazzed-up variations including roasted red pepper hummus, dill hummus and spicy red pepper hummus. Fava beans are also an option and can be used as the basis for tasty appetizers.


Fruity and Fresh

Grapes and other fresh fruits are central to Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine and are a staple item at everyday meals and social gatherings. Get your Aladdin party in the swing of fresh eating by placing around bowls of easy to eat fruits such as grapes. To give the food table an even more Arabian Nights feel, leave the grapes on the stem and have the bunches sitting around the party area. You can also decorate tables with grape bunches. Fresh fruit kebabs fit into the theme and are easy to serve on a platter. Apple slices can be cut in to the shape of swords, making them easy to pick up and eat.


Sweet Treats

Figs and dates are both part of the Middle Eastern and Persian cuisines. Place bowls of both fresh and dried figs and dates, sweet in taste, around the main dessert. For the highlight dessert, consider a cake design pulled right from the tale of Aladdin itself. One option is have a cake shaped like a flying carpet and decorated with lively and bright colors. Or create a 3-D cake made in the shape of a a magic lantern and decorated in gold. Additional sweet treats include cookies cut out and decorated as the movie's animal characters: Apu the monkey, Iago the parrot and Rajah the tiger.


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