Fun Ideas for a 30 Year Class Reunion

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Class reunions are often held in large halls.
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A 30-year class reunion can be a special event for anyone attending. It is a chance to see old classmates, catch up with old flames and update your best friends from high school on what you are up to now. There are several fun ideas that can be incorporated into a 30-year class reunion.


Slide Show

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Prepare a slide show.
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In the months leading up to the reunion, contact former classmates and ask them to send you copies of photos they may have from high school. Compile all the photos received and have them play as a continuous slide show throughout the event. The attendees may enjoy seeing photos of their classmates from 30 years ago, and will laugh at the funny memories, hairstyles and clothing choices. It is bound to be a hit at the event.

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Wine Cellar

Wine cellar giveaway.
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This is a fun giveaway idea for a 30-year class reunion. Invite any classmates who wish to participate to bring a bottle of wine to the reunion. Each bottle of wine earns that classmate a special ticket, which is entered into a drawing. The person whose ticket is drawn out during the night gets to leave with all the bottles of wine that were brought in — enough to fill an entire cellar.


Memory Contest

Memory contest for high school.
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At the event, hold a contest for the person who can come up with the best or funniest high school memories. The person in charge of this contest should ask people for entries throughout the night, and the classmates attending the reunion should vote on them. Read a variety of entries throughout the night as well, and the person who submits the best memory should receive a small prize.


Nostalgia Table

Nostalgia can include prom.
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Another fun idea for a 30-year class reunion is to set up a nostalgia table for classmates to look over. Solicit the help of classmates in the months prior to the reunion, and ask them to bring high school relics to the event — such as varsity jackets, pom-poms, yearbooks and any other artifacts from high school. In addition, try to find nostalgic items such as old soda cans, candy from your high school years, the best music from senior year and old prom dresses and tuxedos to set out.



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