Birthday Gifts for a 47-Year-Old Man

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Birthday presents for a 47-year-old man can be simple or elaborate.

Creative gifts can make the transition for the man in your life a little easier as he inches closer to the half-century mark in years. Though 47 is a bit of an odd number, you can find gifts themed for his age that he will enjoy. Memorabilia, cologne or aftershave, watches or events can make a memorable gift for him.


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Though he may not want to remember how old he is, the man in your life may enjoy some nostalgic memorabilia from the time he was born. For instance, if he was born in the '60s, he may enjoy a CD compiled with songs from the era. You can also find memory books and DVDs celebrating the year he was born. A newspaper from the day he was born is a creative gift that he can display on a wall in his home or office.



Men love to wear watches. The perk of buying a watch for a man is that you can make the gift as simple and cost effective as you like, or you can get a watch as an expensive gift. Watches can come with all sorts of features, ranging from lights to built-in calendars and interchangeable wristbands. If your man prefers a simpler watch, you can buy him a small watch with a thin wristband and minimal features.


Cologne or Aftershave

You can't go wrong with cologne or aftershave in a scent that he will enjoy. Aftershave tends to be slightly less expensive than cologne and can be found in most department or standard retail stores. Aftershave comes in a variety of brands and scents to fit any man's taste. Cologne is a little more expensive, but occasionally you can find good sales on his favorite brand. You can also buy different amounts of cologne depending on how much money you want to spend.



Take your man out to see a game involving his favorite baseball or football team, or take him to another special event. If he has a favorite band that is coming into town, spring for tickets for the next concert. Treat him to something more unusual if he isn't into sports or concerts, such as a cultural celebration, an air show, a sky diving excursion or a day out on the lake. An event is something that will create memories for a lifetime.



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