The Best Products to Clean a Refrigerator

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Use baking soda to clean and deodorize the refrigerator.

Cleaning the refrigerator is a task everyone seems to dread. From sorting through old food to cleaning stuck-on messes, cleaning the refrigerator is a difficult chore. However, several household products will make cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing the refrigerator a breeze. In addition, commercial cleansers will clean and sanitize in one step, leaving the refrigerator fresh and clean.


Baking Soda

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Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, making it ideal for cleaning refrigerators. Make a cleaning solution by mixing 1/4 cup of baking soda to 1 quart of warm water. Rinsing is usually not required. You may also use baking soda to deodorize your refrigerator everyday: Simply place an opened box of baking soda inside the refrigerator. Do not use this baking soda for cooking, and replace it regularly. A box of baking soda placed in the freezer is also effective at removing smells from the freezer.

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Chlorine Bleach

Make a sanitizing solution by mixing one part chlorine bleach with one part water in a spray bottle. When using this solution, wear protective rubber gloves and open windows or turn on the fan to increase ventilation, as bleach has a strong odor. After cleaning, rinse the inside of the refrigerator with clear water to remove the bleach solution.


Commercial Cleaners

For quick cleaning, purchase a disinfectant cleaner to clean the inside of your refrigerator. Choose a cleaner that does not have a strong smell since it may make your food smell like cleanser. A small amount of dish detergent mixed with warm water will also effectively clean the refrigerator. Always rinse the refrigerator after using commercial soaps to remove residue.



Clean the inside of your refrigerator with undiluted white vinegar to deodorize and disinfect surfaces. If vinegar does not remove stuck-on food, use warm soap and water to remove food particles, and rinse and apply vinegar to sanitize and disinfect. Vinegar may also be heated, which makes it more effective at removing stuck-on food and aids in killing germs. Heat the vinegar to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.


Cleaning the Fridge

To clean your refrigerator, first remove all the food from inside. This is a good time to take an inventory of what you have and throw out spoiled or expired foods. Remove all drawers and shelving, and clean them with your preferred cleanser. If they are covered in stuck-on food, place them in the bathtub to soak. Wipe down the inside of your refrigerator with a cloth or sponge, and use a scrub brush to reach all crevices. Rinse, if necessary, and dry with paper towels. Clean the shelving and drawers and replace. Ensure that food containers are clean before placing them back into the refrigerator.



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