How Close Can You Put a Grill to the Outside Wood Wall of a House?

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Place the grill away from the house and maintain it properly.

The barbecue grill can burn down a home. The grill must be kept a safe distance from the walls of the house. A grill fire endangers the wood walls of a house regardless of how far away it is placed if grass or trees are ignited. Grills are sometimes simply fired up at the beginning of the season; a possible recipe for disaster. The grill must be safe to use after being exposed to the elements year after year.


Maintain The Grill

Verify the condition of the grill before you even consider using it for cooking. Inspect the propane tank for excessive rust or breaks in the canister. Make certain the valve closes tightly and is free of rust. Inspect the hoses to determine if they are dried out or have developed dangerous leaks. Spray all hose and valve connections with soapy water and watch carefully for bubbles to develop indicating a leak. Repair or replace the damaged parts before using. Make certain the holes in the burners are open and not clogged. The bottom of the grill is susceptible to rust where coals could fall out and start a fire. The legs of the grill must be secure and sturdy and in no danger of falling over and creating a fire.


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Correct Use Of Accelerants

When using the grill be very careful with fire accelerants. Use a moderate amount of lighter fluid if necessary on a charcoal grill but never use it after the fire is engaged. Never use gasoline to start a fire. The best way to start a charcoal fire is to use a chimney starter that is available at retail stores.


Appropriate Grill Location

Place the grill on a level nonflammable surface where it will not tip over, endangering the safety of the house, out of foot traffic areas. Never place the grill under trees, awnings or temporary tents. Do not grill in a garage or enclosed area because of the danger of fire and also because carbon monoxide can accumulate and render you helpless before you realize it.


Grill Distance From The House

Place the grill no less than 15 feet from the wood wall of a house or structure. Set the grill up and use it following the correct guidelines and under the correct conditions.



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