The Best Canned Foods for Survival

In times of unrest and disturbing news, many people start to put by food and water for times when they can't get to a store. Situations as simple as a winter storm can close roads and make having some food at home a good idea. Good, storable foods include freeze-dried foods and dehydrated foods, but they are expensive. Consider purchasing canned goods for your survival stash, as canned foods have many advantages: good shelf life, readily available in a wide variety, easy to prepare and resistant to vermin.

Canned food is readily available and inexpensive. Store up canned food for survival.

Best Nutritionally

Canned fruit and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals.

While most of us think fresh fruits and vegetables are the best, canned fruits and veggies contain many of the same, and sometimes more, vitamins and minerals than fresh, reports WebMD. The American Dietetic Association noted in 2006 that "canned produce is picked and canned at its peak, so even though the heating process destroys some vitamins, the majority of nutrients remain." Canned tomatoes, for instance, contain greater amounts of lycopene than fresh tomatoes. Purchase canned fruits and vegetables for your survival storage of vitamins and minerals.

Best in Fats and Fiber

Canned sardines are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

In a survival situation, the human body requires fats for energy. One lb. of fat stores 3,500 calories -- calories you might need to help carry your kids into the house during a blizzard. While excess fat is a health hazard, some fat on the body has enabled humans to survive for eons. Good sources of omega-3 fats are canned fish: tuna, salmon and sardines. Nuts are also a good source of fat, so include jars of peanut butter. And if you store canned beans, of any variety, you'll get great fiber along with other essential vitamins and minerals including folate, thiamin and potassium.

Best Tasting

Best tasting canned foods will be those with which you're familiar. If you wander too far off that pathway into foods you've never tasted before, you won't be comfortable. For best taste, try eating canned soup and meats (chicken for chicken salad), canned salmon (salmon patties) and make a fish soup out of canned shrimp, clams and salmon. Throw in some canned potatoes and corn and you've got a wonderful soup.

Best Overall

For the best nutritional diet, you'll want a mix of canned meats, veggies and fruits. You will need all of them for a complete diet that will leave you healthy and able to cope. Only eating meat, for instance, may leave you somewhat constipated. Only fruit might cause the opposite condition. For your survival storage, a rounded diet is best -- good nutritionally, economically and one you'll enjoy eating. But for fun and comfort, add some favorites: raviolis, beef stew or chicken and noodles; even if they're "junk food," you'll feel better overall if you have a can or two of favorite food.

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