Instructions for the Rainbow Carpet Shampoo Attachment

Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed before being shampooed with the Rainbow Aquamate

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner carpet shampoo attachment is called the "Aquamate". The instruction leaflet says it "works effectively" on all types of carpet. The leaflet also claims carpets "dry overnight" after being washed and rinsed with the Aquamate. The attachment distributes shampoo on to the carpet and then sucks it back up along with the dirt and debris it has loosened. It then spreads clean rinsing water on the carpet. This is also vacuumed back into the machine.

Preparing the Carpet

Vacuum the carpet being cleaned thoroughly. Initially, use your Rainbow cleaner's dusting attachment to remove dirt and debris from skirting boards. Then pass the floor nozzle over each section of carpet a number of times to ensure as much loose dust and dirt as possible is removed. Finally, attach the crevice nozzle to your vacuum cleaner's wand and clean the edges of the carpet where it meets the wall.

Preparing the Rainbow Vacuum

Fill the Aquamate tank with warm, not hot, water. The tank should be no less than half full. Remove your Rainbow cleaner and its water basin from their dolly. Place the Aquamate tank on to the Rainbow dolly. Ensure the Rainbow water basin is empty and position it on top of the Aquamate tank. Now place the Rainbow cleaner on top of the water basin and latch it into position.

Attaching the Shampoo Bottle

Fill the Aquamate shampoo bottle with Aquamate shampoo. The bottle does not have a fill line so decant in as much as you think is necessary. You can add more during the cleaning process if you run out. Once you have enough shampoo in the bottle attach it to its housing on the handle of the Aquamate.

Attaching the Aquamate to Your Rainbow Cleaner

Remove the metal wand from your Ranbow cleaner's attachment hose and push the handle of the Aquamate into the hose. Attach the clear tube that comes out of the Aquamate handle to the Aquamate cleaning head. Place the attachment hose into position on the Rainbow Cleaner and plug the electric cord from the Aquamate tank into the opening above the attachment hose. Finally, attach the double clear tubing to the bottom of the Aquamate tank.

Shampooing the Carpet

Plug your Rainbow cleaner into a wall socket and switch it on. Turn the knob on the handle of your Aquamate to the picture of a bubble. This will turn on the water and shampoo together. Place the Aquamate cleaning head on the carpet and activate the trigger to release water and shampoo. Mentally divide the carpet into areas about three square feet in size and clean each one before moving on to the next. Pass the cleaning head over the area while releasing water and shampoo then vacuum the water and shampoo out of the carpet. Turn the knob on the handle to the picture of a bubble with a line through it then squeeze the trigger and pass the cleaning head over the section of carpet again. This will release clean rinsing water. Finally, vacuum up the rinsing water before moving on to the next section.

Clearing Up

Empty the Rainbow water basin frequently during the shampooing process to ensure it does not overflow. When you have done so for the final time empty any remaining shampoo back into the shampoo container, rinse the Aquamate shampoo bottle out thoroughly and refill it with clean water. Re-attach the shampoo bottle to the Aquamate handle, place the Aquamate cleaning head over your sink and squeeze the trigger. This will rinse out all the tubes. Remove the Aquamate unit from the the Rainbow cleaner and disassemble it for storage. It should be stored at all times with the handle knob turned to the bubble picture with a line through it.